Daily Archives: Nov 6, 2023

Time Flies

Seems like yesterday when I just arrived Toronto for this Q4 break. In fact, I’ve arrived here a full month already, that’s one third of this self-directed “co-op” term. So far I had completed a marathon and a personal calligraphy website project. Looked briefly into casual/part-time jobs, that made me more determined to start a business instead.

Finally met up with my sister’s family for dinner and got back from her the cheap 3D printer I bought here last summer. Immediately started designing and prototyping things the next day! I also called up my parents for the first time since arrival and confirmed the sudden death of a longtime friend’s mother. I immediately forwarded my condolences to my friend who flew back from Vancouver to HK for his mother’s funeral. It didn’t seem that long ago when my friend would come over to my house and play video games as our parents were having their mahjong gatherings.

My UW friends organized an evening out to watch the Raptors and Leafs games at a pub on Thursday. We chatted and laughed about our good old days in our university years. It was 20 years since we graduated, felt like yesterday. One of the friends graciously lended me his car afterwards to run some errands the next day. I was very cautious at first, but as I became more comfortable at driving the manual stick again, I regained the joy of driving, just like the time when I had my Mini before I returned to HK in 2009.

Time really flies.

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