Glimpse of Hope

Looking back this past week, seems like I had been pretty productive:

  • made good progress on the ink art website
  • fired up the laser cutter and prototyped some 1/10 models
  • visited my woodworking friend in Tuen Mun to discuss the coming fair on 24th and possibly more future collaborations
  • printed out the parts for the Open Press Project as suggested by a friend, will try to assemble and play with it later
  • went back to my alma mater a couple of times to sit in on the sharing sessions of an outstanding alumni who has been helping Chinese cancer patients in Australia for more than 20 years and counting
  • jogged 3 days, slowly and tiresomely getting to 4K. Thinking back, it must be a miracle that I was able to complete the 42K marathon back in Jan!

While prototyping the 1/10 models, I seemed to have rekindled my love in designing and making things. All the happy memories from shop class in high school, to brain-teasing lab work during university, and experimenting with state-of-the-art lasers during coops are all coming back to me it seems. And I still remember the joy of assembling and putting the digital fabrication machines to work for the first time in the studio. Hope was high when I first started the studio, but the passion seemed to have faded over time. It’s probably not too late to pick that up again, right?

Stumbled upon a book about Thomas Heatherwick today. I skimmed pass his projects, I recalled experiencing his awe inspiring Seed Cathedral during the Shanghai World Expo in 2010. I also recalled seeing an inspiring exhibition of his works in HK a few years back and thinking to myself that it would be a lot of fun to setup my studio to experiment with design like he does.

If God permits, let me restart my career in research, experiment, design, and make functional, sustainable, and delightful objects to serve others! 🙏🏻

Sketch… Sunday Service

#inktober… DONE!!

The feeling of finishing my last cartoon panel for the #inktober fest is comparable to finishing a marathon! It was no easy task to follow the random word prompt each day and come up with a cartoon panel that would fit coherently into a story. It was challenging yet fun. I took the opportunity to create a 24-panel fictional story of a (starving) artist 😬. It brought back some good old memories of the time when we had to write and illustrate our own story book in primary school. I don’t remember needing to write any fictional stories since then. Anyway, I’m really satisfied with my first #inktober experience, and will likely do it again next year!

With #inktober out of the way, I can now shift my focus to more important work in Nov. including:

  • A website to archive my old and future ink art
  • A freelance opportunity on 17th
  • A fair on 24th to promote my old ink art and the upcoming website

May God continue to guide and bless the work He has planned for me. 🙏🏻

Sketch… Sunday Service

Running Again

The hot summer days seem to have finally succumbed to the cool Autumn winds. It’s a good time to try picking up running again. I managed to kick my lazy butt out the door to run 3 times this week, could barely do 2.5k, but kickstarting the habit wins half the battle I suppose.

My energy level seems to have lifted noticeably after I started running again. Have been putting the extra energy to work on a website I’ve been wanting to do for the longest time, hope to get the bulk of it completed this week and have it launched in early November.

I also managed to keep up with #inktober and did a spontaneous cartoon everyday. Even though my sister seems to be the only one who has been following and liking the story, I would probably keep doing it even no one recognizes the work, that’s how much I enjoy it. Now with only 3 days left, I find myself constantly thinking about the last 3 panels of the story of a (starving) artist. How shall I end the story?

Sketch… Sunday Service

Life and Death

Just finished reading a short book Morrie: In His Own Words. Was constantly thinking about my 90-yr-old classmate from my Tuesdays-with-Morrie-like calligraphy class. He’s good and well and I still feel blessed to seeing him at class every Tuesday morning. But over the ~2.5 years since I started learning calligraphy, I’ve been witnessing his hearing and mobility decline. Occasionally when he was late to class, I would worry if anything bad might have happened to him.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m kinda prepared for the day when my dear elderly classmate may inevitably stop coming to class altogether, and that’s why I cherish the time that he’s still healthy and well and can join us for class and dim sum every Tuesday. A good allegory to the saying “live like you’re dying” perhaps?

Life is short. My parents just told us today during our family lunch that one of our distant uncle suddenly passed away last week. I think I’ve only seen this uncle a handful of times, so I’m not nearly as saddened as I was when my more dear uncle passed away more than a year ago. Regardless, it’s a reminder again to me and my family of how short life is and how we should cherish our limited healthy days on earth to live fully.

May my uncle’s soul Rest In Peace. 🙏🏻

Sketch… Sunday Service

Inktober Challenge

Decided to take on the #inktober challenge this week, had a lot of fun each day dreaming up and inking episodes of the Story of a (starving) Artist. I constantly think back to the book Bird by Bird and the chapter about how the writer disciplined herself to sit and write a small piece of writing every single day. I also imagined myself as a full time cartoonist like Charles Schulz doing the same thing each day at his drawing board without repeating himself.

The #inktober challenge is truly a satisfying experience so far. I don’t actually know where the story is headed or how it will end, it’s spontaneously crafted each day based on the day’s prompt and my imagination. That’s actually part of the fun.

Though there aren’t many followers, I’m happy just to have a little outlet where my imagination can roam free. I’m especially grateful for this during a time when our government is tightening its grip of the democratic voices of the city. Hate to talk politics, sigh.

Sketch… Sunday Service