Meaning of Life?

img_3987My uncle’s (father’s younger brother) liver cancer has relapsed and my aunt was told to prepare for the worst.  It’s time like this that makes me stop and question about the meaning of life.

Just when I was starting to procrastinate about the many things still unfinished before the end of the year, my uncle’s news made everything seemed meaningless in comparison.  Couldn’t quite pull myself together to do work, I went out to catch the movie “The Young Messiah”, an imaginative story of young Jesus trying to find answers about His holy birth.  Don’t we all question about the meanings of our lives sometimes?

Wouldn’t it be nice if God would just appear before us and tell us exactly why we were born and what we were supposed to do with our lives?  But then if we know everything like God does, there wouldn’t be joy in searching and finding answers, and faith would be rendered unnecessary since we can’t possibly deny a God who created us and knows everything about us.

But then sometimes I just wish I knew and be assured of where to land my next step without being told exactly how everything will turn out.  Feeling a little lost lately… about my career, life’s purpose, my possible other half…

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Sketchbooks Re-stocked!

Recently started a new sketchbook after taking 6 good months of calligraphy practice/sketching/life-drawing/note-taking to fill up the old one.  Really loved the size, volume, quality, and pricing of this economy notebook/sketchbook, I even made a custom pulp cover for it.  The sketchbook must be very popular because they were all out of stock in almost all the locations I searched in the last couple of weeks.  I was getting a little anxious, worrying that the company may have stopped making that specific type of sketchbook.  I even asked my sister to search for me while she is visiting Japan!

Fortunately, the store had restocked the sketchbooks when I visited after my weekly calligraphy class today, and I immediately bought 10 of them without hesitation!  That should satisfy my calligraphy and sketching indulgence for at least a couple more years!


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Sister and Nieces in Town

My sister and 2 nieces from Toronto had been back for about a week, I had been spending more time with them and less time doing work (always thankful for a flexible work schedule).  But it’s December already, and I’m starting to procrastinate on the many things I wish to finish before the end of 2016!

They’re off to Japan for a one week trip today.  Finally getting my morning personal time back, I went out for a run.  Ran about 7K, broke some good sweat and cleared a bit of my troubling mind.


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The weather finally getting a little chilly in the morning.  The sun was shining today after a couple of rainy and gloomy days, I couldn’t resist to go out for a run.  Ran about 6k, longest run since getting back to my regular running practice at the beginning of the month.

Took the day off to do some cleaning at home in preparation for my sister and 2 nieces visiting from Toronto this Sat.  Will need to continue the cleaning tomorrow!


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img_3947Asked my friend to tag me along to do some cycling with his friends, it’s something I haven’t done for ages!  One of my purpose to join my friend’s cycling activity was to explore the possibility of organising a cycling outing in my fellowship.  Now that I’ve done so, I think it will be really difficult to do cycling with a big group of friends, simply because we’ll likely vary a lot in our cycling speed and it will be nearly impossible to make everyone happy to cope with each other.

Regardless, the biking activity this afternoon was a good exercise (my legs are still tired while writing this post).  And as an added bonus, I got to see and photograph some pretty scenery!


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Highschool Friends Meetup

One of my HK highschool friend is getting married in early Dec., so he organised a small meet up to pass on his wedding invitations.  Though I unfortunately couldn’t attend the wedding banquet, I made an effort to join the little reunion of high school friends because I haven’t seen most of them for years, and some I didn’t have a chance to meet since leaving HK after F.5!

It was good to see everyone again, all seems to be doing good and well.  To my surprise, many of the guys there were still single even though they were professionals and have well paid stable jobs.  I can’t help but recall the little reunion with my UW fellowship b/s a couple of nights ago as most of the sisters there were also single professionals looking for their other half.  On one hand, it’s good to know I’m not the only single guy among my peers.  On the other hand, I kinda see this as a common “problem” or an unhealthy trend for my age group.  I think this city can definitely use more love and romance!


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I wasn’t lying when I told my old UW fellowship b/s last night that I have a “target” from my church.  Indeed, it just so happened that I invited her to go see an art exhibition with me this afternoon.  If dating is simply defined as going out with someone you like and get to know better, then today isn’t our first date, I invited her to dinner followed by a visit to my studio a few months ago.

I had to postpone the meet up from 3pm to 4pm because my weekly family dim sum lunch was running late, and then I was about 10 mins late, bad first impression.  I apologised and she simply said “ok” and didn’t seem too angry.  I offered to help her carry one of her bags to make up for my lateness, but she turned down the offer.  We then went to see the art exhibition together as planned.  It was a relatively small exhibition with works from a group of artists, some of whom being my pervious oil painting and watercolor teachers and classmates.  I enjoyed seeing and discussing art with her.

After seeing the art exhibition, she had to buy something nearby so I followed her into crowded malls and shops looking for what she needed.  Never liked crowds, and shopping isn’t something I enjoy doing, but everything seemed interesting and enjoyable when I was with her.  Infatuation?

After strolling around malls and shops, she bought some bread before going home for dinner.  The MTR ride together seemed too short and ended too early like before.

I don’t know if she considered today’s a date, and I wish I know that she feels the same way about me as I do for her.  Oh God, if You meant for us to be together, please help us know how to move our relationship forward. 🙏🏼

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Old KWCACers Meetup

A friend from my old UW fellowship organised a small gathering to celebrate another b/s’ birthday, I was more than happy to join because I haven’t met up with them for months, if not years.

It just so happened that I was the only guy in the meet up, I was feeling a little awkward when they started talking about finding boyfriends.  Though it was kind of interesting (and probably advantageous) to know what girls are looking for in a boyfriend, I honestly felt odd and out of place. 😅  It got even more embarrassing when one of them started praising me to a point where it seemed like I was being flirted at.  I told them that I have a “target” at my church, which was not entirely a false statement.

Despite the awkward moments, it was good catching up with old fellowship b/s.  As I shared with my fellowship earlier this month, it’s essential to offer time to build up strong b/s relationships, relationships that will last till eternity as long as we don’t stray away from the road of faith.


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