A Packed Week

The past week was unusually packed with social activities. It started with Monday evening when a friend who emigrated to Taiwan came back and wanna meetup before she goes back in a week.

Tuesday was packed the most. After my weekly calligraphy class in the morning, I joined my calligraphy classmate and her daughter for lunch. The only daughter had been considering to emigrate to Australia, which my widowed classmate wouldn’t like to see happen but can understand her daughter’s decision. Went to Central after lunch to facilitate a couple of friends to network, one will open a cafe in LKF soon and the other wish to open one and had many questions. Stayed in the HK Island side to meet and catch up with an old friend for dinner, he suggested drinks in LKF. We each had a couple of beer and shared a big plate of nachos, feels like the old university days.

Dined out with my parents and sister on Thursday. I suggested a newly renovated restaurant near my studio where my family used to go for dim sums on Sundays. The mood seemed unusually joyous despite the negative topics we chatted.

Aside from the social activities, I continued to make good progress with my Shigeru-Ban-inspired papertube furniture. Had been 3D printing the parts non-stop, many takes hours, which allowed me to spare some time to do art. Made a brush-and-ink illustration of Margaret Ng and Jimmy Lai and was accepted to the online gallery of AGO’s Portraits of Resilience community art project!

Joined my sister and brother-in-law to Sunday Service at church this morning. It must have been at least half a year since the last time we attended church physically, felt blessed and thankful. Pray that God will continue to protect and see us through the end of this marathon pandemic tunnel. 🙏🏻

Sketch… Sunday Service


Since deciding to take a Sabbatical at the beginning of the year, I’ve been focusing on more R&D work at the studio. One of the projects that had me dedicating a lot of time is designing a series of Shigeru-Ban-inspired papertube furniture. After months of R&D work, I’ve finally completed a piece of functional furniture for my new home. Seeing an idea come to life from concept to finish was really satisfying, it felt like I was finally starting to see the fruit from my self-conducted Sabbatical!

Had lunch and dinner with two separate groups of brothers from fellowship on Friday. Was asked if I would return to fellowship now that it had resumed physical gatherings. I replied shyly saying I’ll probably won’t join fellowship for awhile without giving any reasons and luckily they didn’t ask for one. Truth is that, after more than a year of not attending fellowship, I think I’ll be better off to skip it entirely in the future post-pandemic era. The marathon pandemic has taught me the value of time, and I think I can put my Friday evenings to better use outside of fellowship.

Sketch… Sunday Service

First Jab

Took my first of two COVID19 vaccination needles on Friday. The past week seemed to be centred around that single event.

Dined out with my parents and sister on Tuesday, they talked me out of submitting a proposal for a small commercial unit at an artsy establishment that previously turned me down. They think I should move back to Canada asap because our city is deteriorating too rapidly with no hope of turning back. I’m not certain about moving back permanently, but I wish to at least pay a visit and think up a backup plan when the pandemic situation there is less worrying. Besides chatting over work and our deteriorating city, my mom also urged me to go home a day early in the weekend in case my first jab had any adverse side effects.

Counting down to the needle time, I messaged my friends to see who had been vaccinated and whether they had any adverse side effects, a very good icebreaker to reconnect with friends.

Because of the scheduled first jab, I decided to take Friday off, so worked late on Thursday to finish up some freelance 3D drafting work. After the jab at around noon, I stayed home to continue the work in setting up my home office. Went back to my parents’ place for dinner and a relaxing weekend.

Sketch… Sunday Service


Dined out with family and friends 3 times this week, a record high in recent months amidst the pandemic. The number of confirmed cases saw a small rise to low double digits this weekend, hope those were only isolated cases and that we can continue to transition back to a more healthy social state.

Finally started renovating the empty room at my new place into a home office. Have been anticipating and planning for my career for the post-COVID19 era during this sabbatical, talked to friends about my ideas and showed off some prototypes, feedbacks were mostly positive. The ideas are still fairly vague, but I have a hunch that it has the potential to develop into a sustainable business. If the “start-up” takes off, I’ll likely spend a lot of time in this future home office.

Continued writing letters to the many pro-democratic Hongkongers who are detained/imprisoned for political reasons. Read up their stories and some of the letters that were written to them openly, I was touched and saddened by their sacrifice for a city they loved so dearly. Praying and writing to them is the least I can do to show my appreciation for their fight of democracy, freedom, and justice in our city.

Sketch… Sunday Service

Back To Work…

Easing back to work after the super long Easter holidays. Reviewed my Q1 goals while writing up new Q2 goals. Continue to plan my new work in anticipation of a new normal after the pandemic. Rearranged some tables in the studio to make room for more R&D and prototyping work. Also ordered some furniture to finally setup a home office at my new place. Trying to speed things up and experiment with more ideas before my sabbatical is over in July.

Continued writing letters to the many freedom fighters who were detained or imprisoned for political reasons. They had been serving and helping Hongkongers to fight for freedom but are now denied freedom on our behalf, I shall never forget about them as the city enters a new normal under the imposed vague national security law. Heung Gong Yun… Ga Yau!! 💪🏻

Sketch… Sunday Service