Sketch… Sunday Service

Sketch… Lecture

Sketch… Sunday Service


臨豐子愷作品 (一五)

Sketch… Sunday Service

Jesus and Money

Don’t even remember how I came across this book Jesus and Money.  I was drawn by the title as I’m in the process of figuring out the studio finances for the new year.  It’s a problem I’ve been lavishly avoiding for a long time, but I really need to figure out a way to sustain the studio work financially so that I don’t end up becoming a starving artist.

The book did remind me some of the many important bible teachings regarding wealth. Some of the teachings include being good stewards (we don’t own anything in this world), money is not evil (problem is with the love of money), “seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and all the others will be given unto you” (the others being necessities like food and clothing and not luxurious items),…

Oh Lord, may You continue to guide me in my career, let me use the gifts You have given me to serve others, as faithful steward of Your grace in various forms. For we are your workmanship, created in Your image to do good works, which You prepared in advance for us to do.

臨豐子愷作品 (一四)

Sketch… Sunday Service

Day Off

Our family and I visited my aunt for lunch. She reminded us that it’s a month short from the time my uncle passed away last year. This is the first CNY that my aunt celebrated without my uncle, she’s still not at all recovered from sadness and told us that she didn’t walk out of her house at all for many days at the start of CNY. Apart from the sadness, my aunt seemed to be healthy and well.

Decided to go see the Pixar exhibition nearby after lunch. Kinda disappointed to see that many of the artworks on display were digital paintings and that hand drawn sketches was a rarity. But those few hand drawn artworks that made it to the exhibition were a gem to my eyes! I also took the time to read up on the introduction of every animation that Pixar had created. The digital rendering of characters and scenes in Pixar’s animations may not always be superb, but their storylines have always been at the top of the game in my view. Apparently, family and friendship are the two main themes across all the animations – “… Pixar films is the intimate interpersonal relationships between friends and family.”

Relationships, a topic that God has been trying to teach me via serving as fellowship committee for the past 2 years, is actually the core theme of many animations I’ve loved over the years!

Needed to be home for dinner, so didn’t set foot in the studio the entire day, an unplanned day off resulted.