Taipei Trip 1116 – 1119

Took on a short 4-day trip to Taipei with a couple of fellowship brothers. One of them planned the whole trip and made all the bookings, me and the other brother simply tagged along. My only contribution to the itinerary was suggesting to visit the Juming Museum. It was far from the city and took some long traveling time, but my friends’ happy faces after the visit told me I had made a good suggestion and the long travel was well worth it!

Also had the opportunity to visit a few large scale craft markets, really admire the mature creative cultural industry in Taiwan. I kept questioning why HK can’t nurture such a creative industry, it’s not like we’re short of talents as proven by the countless hi-quality protesting materials produced freely and often anonymously since June. Perhaps the high cost of living and rent is to blame?

Was hoping to take a little break, but I couldn’t help but keep a close watch of the news in HK. Was seriously worried about PolyU, worrying that 8964 Massacre would take place in HK. Fortunately it didn’t happen, but the tension is still not fully resolved with an estimate of less than 100 protesters trapped inside the university with scarce food and deteriorating hygiene and health conditions.

The protesters are trapped physically in PolyU and me together with many Hongkongers are trapped emotionally by the lingering protest no matter where we go.

Oh God, please don’t turn your eyes away from us, help us find a way out of this political mess. 🙏🏻


There’s a recent downturn of events regarding the lingering protests in our city. After the violent clashes inside my neighborhood mall on Sunday, it was violently defaced and crumbled under the attack of “masked individuals”. The shopping mall will not reopen until December.

My neighborhood street was also blockaded. It deemed a natural target when the HKPF targets university students and my home is perfectly sandwiched between 2 universities.

But what aggravated me most was that the riot police had brutality attacked my Alma mater. It fired over 1000 tear gas canisters into the campus in less than a day! Even the university chancellor suffered from TG while trying to negotiate between the HKPF and students! The previous chancellor, being a practicing doctor, led a team of expert medics into the university late at night to treat those who were injured (more than 100). The HKPF retreated and allowed a rare day of relatively peacefulness. The tension seemed to have worsened again today and got me worried. I was later relieved after hearing from the late night radio news that the university students decided not to battle the HKPF head on.

Happy that I can now go on my 4-day Taipei vacation with a slightly lightened spirit.

Oh God, please continue to help our city to find its way out of this turmoil while I take a little rest. 🙏🏻

Feeling Low…

Last week started off pretty well as I finally picked up my running practice again after a full year of absence from the track. Ran 2 times, about 3k each, happy that I wasn’t too out of shape as I thought.

Also spent a couple of days cleaning up the studio, still need to test the laser cutter, should be able to transition into more digital fabrication work soon.

The endorphin that resulted from the small achievements didn’t last as my emotion dropped dramatically after hearing the news about the death of a 22 year old protestor who “fell” from a parking lot. A young university student with a bright future had his life cut short and will never see his full potential realized. May the truth regarding his death be revealed.

More police brutality broke out inside the shopping mall near my home yesterday, and this morning another youngster (21 yr-old) was shot with real bullets. He’s still in critical condition as I’m writing this post.

Oh God, do You hear the collective cry of our city? Will You act to purge out the evil? And what am I and other followers supposed to do in such political turmoil? I can’t help but feel helpless. 😢🙏

sketch… Sunday Service

Biweekly Update…

Realized my updates have become a biweekly routine…

Just wrapped up a big event with WWF this weekend. Was invited to set up a booth in their green market, there was unfortunately no business to speak of, but I sincerely enjoyed the quiet time to make art outside the studio. I also enjoyed very much the occasional interactions with friendly staffs and visitors.

The peaceful weekend event was in stark contrast to the chaotic protests happening everywhere else in the city. Police brutality has evidently escalated, maybe purposefully to emulate a chaotic atmosphere to support their violence used. This would also favor the candidates who openly supports police at the upcoming district elections 3 weeks later?

In a chaotic city like ours, how am I supposed to respond? I’m running out of words in my prayers. Oh God, can You hear the collective cry of our city? We seriously can use a helping hand here…

Sketch… Sunday Service

More October Routines

Two weeks since my last update… Still continuing my Oct. inking routine, but only barely keeping up with the daily Inktober prompts. Pulled a rare all-nighter on 11th (Friday) in the studio to work on a Chinese calligraphy piece for competition, was super tired afterwards and took me a few days and many extra hours of sleep to recover. An introductory Chinese calligraphy workshop is scheduled this coming Thur, but may be cancelled/rescheduled due to lack of interest.

After submitting the calligraphy competition piece, I wanted to start learning a different script. Upon seeing my msg, my 91-yr-old (ex-) classmate found some reference materials and brought that to me with a surprise visit during our weekly class on Tue., I was truly touched.

Besides indulging in my new inking routine, I’ve also started taking the bus to and from work this week. Morning traveling time took longer, but I enjoyed the refreshing naps with music through the earbuds. Late rides home could actually take less time than the MTR.

Decided to run the marathon early 2020, and being totally out of shape now, I must add a running practice routine ASAP.

The city’s political turmoil is still not seeing any sign of resolution, I shall also add a regular daily praying routine at 10pm. May God hear our city’s collective cry for justice and mercy. 🙏🏻

Sketch… Sunday Service

Sketch… Sunday Service

Oct. New Routine

September ended and we’re already in the last quarter of 2019, will we see a good end entering 2020?

Joining the Inktober challenge for the second year, I’ve begun a daily ink doodling routine. I’ve also been supplementing that with daily Chinese calligraphy practice using bible scriptures. Together with a calligraphy competition and a workshop scheduled for later this month, October is turning out to be a month of ink indulgence just as I planned.

In additional to inking, there are a few personal projects I planned to finish this month too. The projects include cleaning and setting up the studio for more digital fabrication work, minor renovation of a home that I plan to move in, picking up regular running habit, etc.

The protests in our city has continued to worsen this past week, I stayed in the studio for 2 nights due to MTR closures, fellowship was cancelled on Friday, and today the protesters had finally reached my neighborhood streets which had stayed protest free throughout. In midst of the lingering and worsening protests, I’m becoming more quiet and withdrawal, and that seems to help fuel my new inking routine. At the same time, I’m a bit tired of the endless protests that is affecting me socially. I hope to see an end to violence and the constant bickering of ppl with different political views. Will we see a good end entering 2020?

Oh God, pls pour your grace and mercy on our city, purge out evil and let your truth and justice prevail. Pls also help me to stay faithful and act wisely and let your light shine through me during this dark and chaotic time. 🙏🏻