Back To Normal

After an unusual week filled with meetups with family and friends and a daily schedule that was skewed by the World Cup, this past week was back to normal.

No social meetups occurred this past week other than my regular Chinese calligraphy class on Thursday. The only gathering that was scheduled for Sat. afternoon with my UW friends was postponed to later this month.

With more time on my hands, I got busy with work. Spent many hours to troubleshoot a 3D model for my studio neighbor who is in the yacht-related business. The owner is super nice and environmental friendly, he found an old abandoned 3D printer and many spools of filaments and gifted me for free. So I was glad that I was finally able to fix his 3D boat model and print them out using the printer and materials he gave me. He seemed happy too when I gave him the models on Sat.!

I seem to be picking up the passion for my work again. It’s all thanks to a few friends I recently got to meet, they reminded me of my younger self who started a studio and naively thought he could bring about changes to the world with his work. 8 years passed, I still can’t quite support myself financially with my ideals and passion, but perhaps I can pass on my experience to the younger generations and hope that they’ll be able to sustain themselves financially doing the things they’re passionate about?

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World Cup

The past week’s schedule was skewed slightly by World Cup. A few games that were broadcasted freely kicked off at midnight, I stayed up to catch the games and went to bed immediately at around 2am. Bedtime reading was no longer needed to put myself to sleep.

Had quite a few social meetups again this past week. Dinner with parents, sister, and brother-in-law on Mon. Dinner with a couple of newly met friends who lived nearby on Tue. A spontaneous dinner with an old friend in HK Island on Thur. A day-off to visit the HKPM with a friend on Fri. Family dinner again on Sat. to celebrate my dad’s bday. So the only day that I didn’t meetup family or friends was Wed.?! That’s quite impressive for an introvert who’s not too inclined to social meetups.

Work was slow amid the skewed schedule and the unusually many social gatherings, need to put myself to work and get more done this coming week!

Sketch… Sunday Service

Another Packed Week

The past week was a packed but not as tiring week.

Mon – a fellowship brother visited the studio after work because he needed some graphic design assistance for his upcoming wedding in Feb. The discussion was brief, but we had dinner together nearby and had a long chat on church, fellowship, and many personal things.

Tue – dinner with parents, sister, and brother-in-law.

Wed – took a day trip to Yuen Long to see a newly met friend’s container workshop that manufactures 3D printing filaments semi-professionally. Visited a woodworking friend in Tuen Mun afterwards. We chatted a bit at his workshop and then dined out to continue our conversations into the evening. The friend seemed to be feeling low since leaving his full-time work in June.

Thur – weekly calligraphy class in the afternoon. Had an early dinner with my classmate after class. Went back to the studio to finish off my calligraphy homework before heading home for an evening run.

Fri & Sat – worked pass 10pm both days. Got many parts 3D printed for a mini robotic arm I had started working with an uncle. Also successfully created 3D printing filaments using shredded PP plastics, will try printing with it this coming week.

A good fellowship brother and friend lost his mother this past week, and I have been praying for him almost everyday. May God comfort him and his family. 🙏🏻

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Busy and Tiring Week

After slacking off the previous week, the past week had been relatively busy and tiring.

Much of my time and effort was spent cleaning up the studio to prepare for some important guests to visit on Sat. Another large chunk of time was spent outside the studio to meet with friends and family, that included dinner with parents and sister on Monday, lunch with a couple of old friends on Wed., lunch meeting with a friend on Thur., and farewelling a couple of friends on Fri. afternoon.

The lunch and studio visit on Sat. was carried out smoothly. The guests kept saying my studio felt like a gallery more than a workplace. That seemed over flattering, but the studio indeed felt much welcoming and pleasant to work in after a week of big cleanup.

Was really tired when I got home on Sat., struggled a few times before successfully pulling my tired body out for an evening run. Felt really good after overcoming my mental struggles and completing the planned run!

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Had been slacking from work this past week. The most meaningful work I had done in the studio was reviving my ancient CNC machine that had been sitting collecting dust for I don’t know how many years.

A friend visited the studio on Mon. afternoon, so I spent most of the day with him. Took a day off on Tue. for a house gathering to farewell a couple of friends. We happily chatted and dined and chatted again with more alcohol from 4pm to around midnight! Knowing that Typhoon 8 would be hoisted the next day, I slept in and wasted the entire day at home on Wed. Thur was my usual day off as I had my weekly calligraphy class scheduled in mid-afternoon. Also enrolled in evening workshops to learn about traditional Chinese paper backing techniques on Thur., finished the last of 4 weekly classes that night. Got to the studio late in the afternoon on Fri., and had to leave early to meet my parents and their financial partners for dinner.

The most productive day was Sat. I woke up early to do laundry and some light cleaning of the apartment before heading back to the studio to revive the ancient CNC machine. Was planning to go for a run after dinner, but I was too sleepy and decided to slack off.

There goes the first week of Nov., next week should be a better week!

Sketch… Sunday Service

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