Self Isolation

The world continues to spiral down the seemingly bottomless COVID-19 pit with US now leading the plunge. Worldwide, over 1 million ppl is now infected by the virus with over 65 thousand deaths recorded. This overwhelming casualty is unprecedented in my lifetime. The rising death toll numbers continue to numb my senses.

I don’t really know what to make of all this. I’m doing ok, not well, but ok. Hearing the daily depressing news and seeing the downcast eyes of masked faces on the street tells me I’m living better off than many ppl around me. I’m thankful but can’t feel the slightest bit of happiness. Is there anything I can help besides staying isolated and trying my best to protect myself from the virus?

These isolated days have been giving me extra time to do things I don’t normally spend a lot of time on – cartooning, calligraphy practice, assembling plastic models (the last time I assembled a gundam was way back in highschool!), etc. Truth is, I never seem to have problem finding ways to entertain myself growing up, but now during these slow economic days I can indulge more in my non-money-earning hobbies with less guilt. In fact, some ppl are coining this as a rare time in history when we can save the world by staying home and doing nothing! If we don’t die from this pandemic, we should consider repeating the same strategy to save humanity from climate change.

Watched a short clip of an astronaut giving advice on self-isolation – understand the risk, focus on mission, evaluate constraints, take action. Repeat. Good advice, I should reflect more on that this week.

Oh Lord, do You hear the cries of Your people? Are You seeing the sad faces on the streets like I do? You must be seeing more than I do and, unlike me, You have the power to help. Why aren’t You helping?

Sketch… Sunday Service

Social Distancing

The second wave of the pandemic is hitting our city hard. The hospital’s isolation wards are getting full and some confirmed COVID-19 cases are starting to require to wait in line, a very worrying situation.

I’m still practicing my alternate working days routine, still finding it very productive. Spent a lot of time practicing Chinese calligraphy while working from home, finished writing the thousand letters classic (千字文) in traditional script once again. While at the studio, I’ve been spending more time doing R&D and began cleaning and reorganizing the space. Having more time alone seems to be helping me clear up my thoughts, set priorities to the more important things, and giving me many new ideas for work.

I’m getting used to these isolated days. Nonetheless, the prolonged social distancing isn’t entirely satisfying. I seriously miss seeing my calligraphy class, going to fellowship, and meeting friends. When can we stop wearing masks and chat openly and freely with our loved ones?

Oh Lord, the pandemic in our city and around the world is still worsening with no ends to be seen, can you hear our cries for help? 🙏🏻

Sketch… Sunday Service

Second Wave

Our city’s number of confirmed COVID-19 cases had seen a second wave of surge this past week due to an influx of travelers returning from more inflicted countries. Experts are urging people to continue practicing social distancing. Looks like I’ll be sticking with my isolation routine for at least 2 more weeks. It’s not easy, even for an introvert like myself.

My calligraphy classmates actually just created a WhatsApp group to discuss if we should change venue if we were to restart our weekly class in April, but I guess that won’t be necessary now seeing how the pandemic is worsening again.

Still checking the number of global confirmed COVID-19 cases on a daily basis. Many countries are seeing their numbers skyrocketing and have shut their borders. It’s desensitizing just seeing the rising death toll numbers without being able to put a face to any of them. This together with countries urging their citizens to fly home and stay home feels very worrisome. Feels like war if not the apocalypse.

Started talking to some of my friends in North America again, they are now starting to see the first wave of the pandemic. Without the experience gained from SARS by many Hongkongers in 2003, my friends seemed less prepared. However, having lived in Canada for 1x years, I feel their situation should be relatively less worrisome because they’re not as densely populated, not too reliant on public transit, and are much easier to practice social distancing.

Oh God, please be merciful to your people. Help us through this pandemic, save those who are infected and protect those who are healthy. Please be merciful to every single soul that has left us. We are sinful people, but we are also your precious creations, please don’t turn a blind eye on us. 🙏🏻

Sketch… Sunday Service

Global Pandemic

WHO finally announced the P-word after being criticized by many experts of its inaction. I started checking the list of global confirmed cases and deaths almost daily. It felt a bit like checking each country’s medal ranking during the Olympics.

I continued my alternate working days routine this past week and still finding myself surprisingly creative and productive during these social-distancing days. Started experimenting with resin 3D printing in the studio, the newly purchased budget MSLA 3D printer surprised me with its exceptional print quality! The technology is very promising, but will need to research more on its material’s environmental impact before I’m comfortable in devising and offering products/services with that medium.

A couple of fellowship brothers asked me out for dinner on Friday. I was a bit reluctant to join, but one of them seemed troubled and could use a good listening ear. The subway was unexpectedly crowded, and after so many days of isolation, I felt overwhelmingly uncomfortable in the crowd. Turns out my friend was ok, he seemed to be likewise worried about me as I have been absent for a long time since our weekly fellowship meetups moved online.

In these social-distancing days, I seem to have reconnected with my introverted side and have been spending much of my time alone doing R&D and drawing cartoons. I think I’m coping very well with this pandemic in comparison to some of my more social friends. Nonetheless, I really hope the pandemic won’t drag on too long, it’s very saddening to see people’s unhappy masked faces on the street. Oh God, please be merciful to us and help us see light during these gloomy days. 🙏🏻

Sketch… Sunday Service

Weathering the COVID-19 Storm

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread and worsen globally in South Korea, Iran, Italy, etc. In midst of the depressing atmosphere, I seem to be getting used to these social-distancing days.

Continued my alternate working days in the studio this past week, successfully carried out a few “experiments” in translating black and white ink art using laser engraving/cutting and cnc machining. On other days when I work from home, I kept myself busy drawing cartoons. Art and creativity seems to help me weather the COVID-19 storm. Separating the digital fabrication work (logical side) and cartooning (creative side) seemed to improve the productivity of both sides, strange. Will continue with this new found routine again this week to see what happens.

Oh God, please continue to carry us through this pandemic, heal those who are sick and help the rest stay vigilant and protected from the spread of the virus. 🙏🏻

Sketch… Sunday Service