Closely following typhoon LIONROCK was another typhoon called KOMPASU. After being criticized for its wavering announcements of the first typhoon, the HK Observatory made an unfaltering announcement of the hoisting of T8 signal well in advance on Tue, and many people were allowed to leave work and go home early. T8 lasted the entire Wed and followed by a public holiday on Thur.

Learning from the LIONROCK experience, I was much better prepared this time around. I brought home from the studio my heavy table easel and other art supplies and turned the unexpected but welcoming holiday into a little art-cation. It proved rather productive as I managed to finish my weekly Chinese calligraphy homework while completing a couple of character sheets for my ongoing IG cartooning series.

I honestly don’t mind the typhoons other than it forcing me to constantly adjust my running practices. Nevertheless, I managed to complete two half marathons this past week, one on Thur and the other one on Sat. Getting quite anxious for the actual marathon next Sun (24th). Seriously could use more time to practice, but I can honestly say that I’ve tried my best to prepare for it in the limited time frame, now just humbly hope that I can survive the entire marathon without needing to be escorted by an ambulance.

Sketch… Sunday Service

Sketch… Sunday Service

T8 Lion Rock

The city hoisted its first Typhoon 8 signal in 2021 this morning. I had been waiting all day for it to be lifted so I can go back to the studio to finish up some work I left unfinished last night. To my disappointment, Typhoon Lion Rock was unexpectedly strong and T8 was hoisted the whole day.

Managed to do some 3D modelling work at home, but couldn’t finish up because the actual physical model was left on my studio’s desk. There’s really not much to do at home as most of my things were left at work. Slightly cleaned up my home office and cleared up more desk space as I prepare myself for a relatively busy Q4 to complete 7 projects I wrote up last week.

It has been a long time since I spent a leisure, quiet, and dreamy Saturday at home. When I let my mind wander off to think of things to do today, tomorrow, and the days, months, and years to come, I seemed to see things at a grander scale and the daily inundating negative news in the city and around the world didn’t seem to bother me as much anymore. Ah, I just remember what this feeling is called – it’s called vacation! =)

Maybe I should make it more of a regular practice to take a break from the studio on top of Sundays.

Hello Q4

The pace of time can seem very different at times. When you are with people you like, time seems to zip right by. But when you are practicing for a marathon, the clock seems to slow down and the agony seems to last forever.

I may have missed to say goodbye to Q3 if not for a public holiday that marked the beginning of Q4. Q3 was another unhappy quarter as I witnessed many pro-democracy organizations disband under political pressure. Many more pro-democracy members are unreasonably detained/imprisoned, and I have no idea how to offer my minuscule support now that the supporting organizations are gone. Q3 was sad and I cannot help but foresee a sadder Q4. Sigh.

Life moves on as time continues to flow. I wrote up a few Q4 goals, many of which will involve collaborations with others. In terms of work, I have pretty much given up hope to advance my career here in this dying city. However, I seem to see hope in the many people God allowed me to meet serendipitously in Q3. I’ll see if I can dedicate more time to work with them and help each other out in Q4.

“Each of you should use whatever gifts you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.” (1Peter 4:10)

Sketch… Sunday Service

Joyful Meetups

After a wonderful dinner with my good friend’s dad and a late uncle’s son on Monday, I met up with a few good old friends for afternoon tea today. I insisted on getting a beer and have our joyful meetup last a bit longer.

Not much happened with work this past week as I took Monday and Friday off, and Wednesday was a public holiday following Mid-Autumn Festival. Need to pick up the slack this week.

Forced myself to get up early on Saturday to train for the upcoming marathon, jogged for 13k non-stop. Just one month left till the marathon run and I can’t even do a half-marathon yet, I’m getting a bit anxious and the only way to overcome that is to pick up my training pace starting this week!

Sketch… Sunday Service

Mid-Autumn 2021

My family already had our Mid-Autumn dinner on Sunday, so I was free to do whatever I wish on this full moon night. Thought about going for a running practice, but was a bit lazy to go out after arriving home. Frankly, I’m not in much of a celebration mood this year, it’s a bit tough for me to find joy when I know so many people in the city are unjustly detained/imprisoned and are separated from their families on this festive day.

Had an unusually happy dinner last night with an old friend’s dad and a late uncle’s son. My old friend’s dad initiated the meetup, I think he was bored staying alone in HK. He usually visits my friend in Canada during this time each year but the pandemic deterred the annual visit. I suggested inviting a late uncle’s son after knowing recently that they were good friends in Mainland. The meetup was a bit unusual because I never met my old friend’s dad myself without my friend or my dad, and I also never met my late uncle’s son myself without my late uncle or my dad. The really funny thing was that the three unusual guys meeting up for the first time just hit off and had a wonderful time together. Uncle brought a bottle of expensive alcohol (some kind of whisky?) and I tried and drank quite a lot because of the happy mood. Uncle told us many old stories about him, my dad, and late uncle. I like to hear stories about them working hard and enduring much hardship in the old days before becoming as successful as they are today. Very inspiring and encouraging. The three of us were joyously eating, drinking, and chatting from a bit after 6pm to past 10pm when we were the last table left and the restaurant needed to close.

My old friend’s dad also got me a surprise and thoughtful gift. It was an electronic kit which I told him I was kinda interested to experiment with when he visited my studio with my dad a few weeks ago. He said he knew I would likely put it off and forget about it if not for him to buy me the kit and push me to play with it. He knows me pretty well ?.

What To Do? (2)

Early past week an organization called Wall-Fare (石牆花), which was established 9 months ago to help the pro-democracy detainees/prisoners, officially disbanded under political pressure. I was down for a couple of days. Under the imposed national security law, many pro-democracy members were detained/imprisoned for months (even year) without given public trial. With the disbandment of Wall-Fare those of us outside the prison wall will be very difficult to offer our already scarce support for those inside. How much more injustice and inhuman can our city get before God steps in and bring forth His justice? I feel helpless and depressed witnessing the continuing downfall of our once beautiful city. Sigh.

Once again I ask myself – What To Do? What would Jesus do?

Since I officially got back to work after my self-directed (half) Sabbatical, I got in touch with a few different groups of people, many of whom have visited or shown interest in visiting my somewhat cleaned up studio. Most who visited find my R&D work very interesting and would often times suggest ways for me to make money from it. Some of them also entrusted me with some of their precious resources like handmade paper and upcycled plastic sheets to experiment with. A good friend also decided to hand me down some of his old digital fabrication machinery for free since his studio location will be closing soon. My studio neighbor also found an old 3D printer and asked me to fix it and help him make some 3D models of the yachts his workshop makes. Just when I was giving up on pursuing any long-term meaningful work in this dying city, I found myself being appreciated and needed for what I do through the many serendipitous interactions that seemed like God’s plan. Seems like God is telling me in His roundabout way that my work in this dying city is not done yet.

Oh God, I’m seriously dying inside witnessing the continuing decline of my birth city, but I see hope in the many people You allowed me to cross path with. Can You tell me a little more plainly what You want me to do here? How can I help to shine a glimmer of hope in this darkening city?