More October Routines

Two weeks since my last update… Still continuing my Oct. inking routine, but only barely keeping up with the daily Inktober prompts. Pulled a rare all-nighter on 11th (Friday) in the studio to work on a Chinese calligraphy piece for competition, was super tired afterwards and took me a few days and many extra hours of sleep to recover. An introductory Chinese calligraphy workshop is scheduled this coming Thur, but may be cancelled/rescheduled due to lack of interest.

After submitting the calligraphy competition piece, I wanted to start learning a different script. Upon seeing my msg, my 91-yr-old (ex-) classmate found some reference materials and brought that to me with a surprise visit during our weekly class on Tue., I was truly touched.

Besides indulging in my new inking routine, I’ve also started taking the bus to and from work this week. Morning traveling time took longer, but I enjoyed the refreshing naps with music through the earbuds. Late rides home could actually take less time than the MTR.

Decided to run the marathon early 2020, and being totally out of shape now, I must add a running practice routine ASAP.

The city’s political turmoil is still not seeing any sign of resolution, I shall also add a regular daily praying routine at 10pm. May God hear our city’s collective cry for justice and mercy. 🙏🏻

Sketch… Sunday Service

Sketch… Sunday Service

Oct. New Routine

September ended and we’re already in the last quarter of 2019, will we see a good end entering 2020?

Joining the Inktober challenge for the second year, I’ve begun a daily ink doodling routine. I’ve also been supplementing that with daily Chinese calligraphy practice using bible scriptures. Together with a calligraphy competition and a workshop scheduled for later this month, October is turning out to be a month of ink indulgence just as I planned.

In additional to inking, there are a few personal projects I planned to finish this month too. The projects include cleaning and setting up the studio for more digital fabrication work, minor renovation of a home that I plan to move in, picking up regular running habit, etc.

The protests in our city has continued to worsen this past week, I stayed in the studio for 2 nights due to MTR closures, fellowship was cancelled on Friday, and today the protesters had finally reached my neighborhood streets which had stayed protest free throughout. In midst of the lingering and worsening protests, I’m becoming more quiet and withdrawal, and that seems to help fuel my new inking routine. At the same time, I’m a bit tired of the endless protests that is affecting me socially. I hope to see an end to violence and the constant bickering of ppl with different political views. Will we see a good end entering 2020?

Oh God, pls pour your grace and mercy on our city, purge out evil and let your truth and justice prevail. Pls also help me to stay faithful and act wisely and let your light shine through me during this dark and chaotic time. 🙏🏻

Sketch… Sunday Service

Oct. 1st, 2019

20191001 is a day to be remembered, not because of the 70th bday of PRC, but because it was the darkest day of our city’s lingering protest yet – an 18-yr-old protester was shot with live round by the HKPC at close range.

I originally planned to join my friends for lunch in HK Island before taking a stroll on the street, but the lunch was cancelled because the restaurant they made the reservation did not open for business.  In fact, many shopping malls around the city was closed.  I ended up staying in the studio in Kowloon Bay the whole day doing some clean up and making art.

It wasn’t a productive day as my attention was taken hostage by the live broadcast of protests at different corners of the city.  The protests turned violent with protesters severely damaging many MTR stations and some isolated china-affiliated businesses.  The HKPC shot 6 live bullets and uncountable number of other bullets and tear gas canisters.

My family had been messaging me throughout the day and I had to constantly reassure them that I was safe near the studio.  At the end of the day, 40+ MTR stations were closed down and I decided to stay in the studio for the night.

Highlights of Past 2 Weeks

A little update of what’s been happening with me in the past 2 weeks…

  • Completed setting up a new laser cutter in the studio and have done some preliminary testing.
  • Submitted a “proposal” to an upcoming event with WWF HK in early Nov.
  • Started cleaning up the studio and readying myself for an Oct. of ink indulgence.
  • Had lunch with my 91-yr-old calligraphy classmate who stopped going to class since end of Aug. due to deteriorating health and mobility.
  • Had lunch with an old friend who wanted to hear my opinion about emigrating to Canada.
Regarding the current political situation in HK, it’s still very messy and bloody. Violent clashes between protesters and police still happening and worsening every weekend. I’ve grown somewhat desensitized to the violent news. I messaged an old high school friend yesterday. I remembered his bday due to the Umbrella Movement 5 years ago. We started chatting about the current situation in HK. He told the group that he really hope to see HK getting back to normal as it was before the protest began 3 months ago and that he might move back to Canada in 3-5 years.

I truly hope that the lingering protests would end soon too and that my friends and the many others who love this city wouldn’t need to consider moving away at all. Oh God, what can we do? 🙏🏻

Sketch… (early) Sunday Service

Sketch… Sunday Service

Another Tiring Week

Our city is going though another Sunday night of violent protests as I’m writing this post. I’m seriously tired and have been even more quiet than usual this week.

Mon – Met up with my calligraphy classmates to visit a newly opened baking studio. It was found and run by one of my classmates goddaughter. It’s a tough business and I offered to help 3D print a cookie cutter. Should be a fun experiment.

Tue – Calligraphy class, still missing my 91-yr-old classmate. My teacher suggested to move our weekly class to Ma On Shan starting Oct. to minimize the traveling effort for my classmate, but he seemed reluctant to accept our kind offer.

Wed – Violent clash broke out at a shopping mall in the evening. A guy with his 3 kids was singing the national anthem of China while intimidating the crowd by taking closeup videos of the pro-democracy crowd. He was yelled, bullied, and beaten with blood shredding at the corner of his eye. Found out he was a good friend of mine back in high school in HK.

Thu – Watched the near hour long video incident in the morning and my mood seemed to have fallen down a cliff. Went to volunteer for another week to make lanterns with elderly, but that barely lifted up my spirit. Had dinner with family, it was an unusually quiet one as we tried to avoid sensitive political topics that may trigger arguments again (our last dinner together a few weeks back ended on an unhappy note due to different political views).

Fri – Mid-Autumn, had dinner at home with my parents. Slept early and peacefully.

Sat – Began my weekend reading of the long and difficult to understand book. Met up with the girl-I-like for coffee and gelato in the afternoon.

Sun – Joined the early Sunday Service. Managed to finish reading the long and difficult to understand book.