Creative Monday

Spent my Creative Monday afternoon practicing calligraphy, completed another poem by Mr. Li Pak.  I can definitely see improvements in my skill, but it’s still far from being considered satisfactory, need to work harder and practice more this year!


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Poster Design for TTMSSPC


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New Year’s Resolutions

IMG_4205It’s mid-Feb and I’ve finally found the time to do a little tidying up of my studio’s desktop and then spend some quiet time planning for the new year ahead.

Made some new year’s resolutions (wishes), some work related while the rest are more personal.  Most of the resolutions are things I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, but never got to it due to laziness and many excuses I easily give myself.  I think I’ll be a happier person if I can finally get to accomplish at least one of the resolution items by the end of the year!

“Oh Lord, I hope what I’ve planned for the new year is good in Your eyes.  If You’re willing, may You lead and guide me in accomplishing my new year’s resolutions.  May You continue to mould and use me for Your GOOD WORKS, and let others see Your light shine through me.”

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2nd Half-Marathon Completed!

IMG_4202Completed my 2nd half-marathon with an improvement of ~15 mins (unofficially) compared to last year!  Thankful.  Building upon experience from last year, this year’s run seemed more pleasurable and less exhaustive, it felt like I can run an extra 1 or 2k after passing the finish line!  Perhaps I can attempt to run a full marathon next year?  Will see.

And I seemed to like the social aspect of the run a little more this year.  Although you may run a little slower due to too many runners passing narrow ways at times, there’s magic to be around thousands of people from all walks of life trying the achieve the same goal. “Together, we run further!”, that’s the slogan for this year’s marathon.

A side effect from the half-marathon preparation is that I’ve got into the habit and waking up early in the morning to do practice runs, that seemed to make me a more positive and productive person.  Let’s hope I can keep up with this good habit after the run.

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Managed to complete my longest running practice (~16.5k) before the upcoming half-marathon on Sunday.  Logged in my time and distance and did some rough estimations using my running records.  Comparing with last year, my accumulated practice run in terms of distance is ~20km less this year, but my average pace is considerably faster (improved ~0.3m/s).  If I can keep up with this pace on Sunday, I would finish the half-marathon in 2h8min instead of 2h43min last year?!  More than 30min improvement?!

Not sure if I had made a mistake in my estimation, I think I’ll be happy as long as the result of the actual half-marathon run this Sunday is an improvement compared to last year.


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CNY Holiday Ends

The CNY holiday ended as though it had never begun.  This holiday season was occupied by family and friends gatherings, one following another without much quiet time for myself to do some reflection and planning as I so eagerly hoped.  Although tiring, I’m still thankful to be able to meet up with so many friends, some of whom I may only get to see once a year.

Recently, I have a feeling that something inside of me is being transformed, the process seems to have begun since I (somewhat reluctantly) became a committee member in the fellowship last year.  When a silent solitary introvert needs to help out with social tasks, he can only humble himself to learn and pray that God would provide him with additional wisdom and skills to serve Him.  I now seemed to have become more sensitive about “relationships” and cherishing more of the time spent with family and friends.  Like a great masterpiece, a wonderful relationship needs time to nurture and its value will only grow with time.

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CNY Holiday Starts

IMG_4150Had been a bit busy before the CNY holiday trying to prototype products to apply for a tiny space to market the studio’s products.  The kiosk owner quickly replied saying they were full and could only put me on the waiting list.  They also mentioned that there are kiosk spaces in other malls I can apply to.  I’ll do a little planning over the holidays and make a decision afterwards.

Thought it would be a good idea to stay away from my studio over this CNY holiday, so last night I brought home with me my laptop and some simple drawing tools.  I had probably spent way too much time in the studio last year, I usually stay there till near midnight and Sunday is usually the only day of the week I don’t set foot there.  An extended period away from the usual routine and environment would hopefully provide a little stimulation for my future work.  I seriously need to spend some time to do a little reflection and to do some planning for the year ahead before time quickly and relentlessly passes by like 2016!

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After going to a seminar last weekend and learning a little bit about the science of long run, I slightly adjusted my running practices.  I went for a practice on Monday and Wednesday and ran at a slightly quicker pace for a shorter distance (~6k).  And after resting a couple of days, I did a practice this morning and ran at a slightly slower pace for a longer distance (~14k), it’s actually my longest run since starting my seasonal training!

Added today’s stat to my running log, and to my surprise, my time had improved a fair amount compared to last season!  Feeling somewhat accomplished, but truth is that I’ve only covered 2/3 of my targeted half-marathon (21k), and there’s just less than a month to go before the actual run.  Keep it up, Tony!!


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