Starving for Art

img_3752I felt a sudden urge to do art recently.  I think it all started on the Sunday morning when I arrived early at JCCAC before the craft fair.  I arrived there after Sunday service, with a couple of idle hours before the start of fair, I slowly strolled around the quiet building.  Passed by many studios’ front door, some showing works of the resident artists, I couldn’t help but imagine what life would be like to be the artists doing art full time.

I have a feeling that I’m distancing myself from art, haven’t really immersed myself with art since quitting the weekly oil painting and watercolor classes, the last oil painting I completed was way back in November last year!  I replaced my weekly painting classes with weekly Chinese calligraphy classes, but that didn’t seem to fill the craving for art.

The urge to do art was so intense that I spontaneously decided to go out and sketch on Monday afternoon, something I haven’t done since February.  That seemed to ease the craving a little.  I always have the idea that I should focus on my career now and then draw and paint all I want when I retire.  Art seems to play a bigger role in my life than I expected.  If I can’t control my starvation and limit myself to doing art on Mondays, I may not help but become a true starving artist. 😅  Oh Lord, is that what you want me to do?

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JCCAC Handicraft Fair

Partnered with a friend to participate in the quarterly JCCAC craft fair over the weekend, it was truly an exhausting exercise for the introvert!  Being an introvert, I’m really not too keen on meeting new people and selling my products.  The lack of sleep on the night prior to the fair and the unexpected huge crowd of fair goers made the exercise even more tiring.  I was totally drained on Sunday night, and am still not entirely recovered while writing this post.

Thankful that many of my friends and family dropped by to say hi and show their support, that made the exercise much more bearable.

Despite the tiredness, I think the event was a worthwhile experience.  While being bored sitting at the booth, I began observing the facial expressions of the people walking by, sadly relatively little smiles were seen among them.  On the 2nd day, I wrote a little note and had Dexter pretend to be a calligraphy master.  It didn’t really help the sales, but there were quite a few people who noticed the miniature scene and smiled.  “Put in batteries and the robot can write letters”, a little girl told her mom.  That put a little smile on my face in return. 😃


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Solemn Sunday

Reciting the Lord’s Prayer “… Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven…” at Sunday service today seemed particularly meaningful.  Today is Election Day for HK’s Legislative Council, and I really do pray and hope that God would pour His grace and mercy upon our city and its people. 

Over the years I’ve been witnessing the deterioration of our city due to politics – widening inequality, deteriorating environment in the name of “development”, influx of rude and  boastful mainlanders, a more and more bureaucratic and corrupted government… 

As time passes by, justice and mercy seems to be slowly evading our city, it seems to be more and more difficult to walk humbly with the Lord our God each day. 

All I could do is to put in my solemn vote and pray that God be merciful to our city and have His glory shine upon us. 🙏🏻

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Friday Night without Fellowship

IMG_3687There’s no fellowship tonight, and with nothing else better to do, I stayed and worked in the studio.  I have no life, I know.

My friend and I was recently notified that our application for a handcraft fair on Sept.10-11 was accepted, it’ll be a great opportunity to finally reveal to the outside world some of my designs and ideas, and I am very happy about it.  However, recently I started to question myself about the meaning of my work.  What’s the meaning of designing objects and selling them?  Besides, having successfully applied for the fair, I’ll have to sell the products on a Sunday which I considered as a day of rest.  I couldn’t help but be reminded of the episode when Jesus angrily cleared the temple merchants on a Sabbath day.

I suppose I can switch the day of rest to Monday that week like many clergies in church?  And in the biblical days, even Paul needed to work as tentmakers in order to be self-sufficient while preaching the Good News, right?  I suppose designing and selling objects can be my way to be self-sufficient in modern days?

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Atypical Sunday

IMG_3680My typical Sunday routine includes attending church’s Sunday service, followed by dim sum with family, and avoid going back to the studio.  Today was atypical in that I was really late for church (my sister and brother-in-law needed finish watching Olympics volleyball finals first), skipped dim sum with family (I was trying to stay away from my mother because she’s currently in one of her irritating exploding mood swings), and went back to the studio for a little solitude. 

I can never be more grateful for the studio space in which an introvert like me can find solitude and restore my energy.

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Fuzzy Head

IMG_3676Caught a minor cold/flu with a runny nose, clogged ear, and fuzzy head.  Couldn’t quite put myself to work with this state of mind, took it easy today and watched some Olympics badminton and continued my reading of Jimmy SPA’s illustrative books.

<<Beautiful Solitude>>, another imaginative book by Jimmy SPA.  There were a few occasions in the book when the author mentioned about the time when he was sick and spent many days hospitalised.  Brought back memories of my 12 days spent in the hospital more than a year ago before Christmas, back then I also thought about Jimmy’s experience and how he picked up illustration again after his sickness.  What did I learn from that experience?  For one thing, I seemed to be spending my time more wisely and not have it wasted easily.  I stopped playing badminton and soccer because I didn’t see myself improving with the games and the associated social time with friends was put in a lower priority than my studio work.  With little regular exercise for the past few months, my immune system seems to be weakened and sickness is creeping into my life and using up my time again.  Time, can you rest a little and give us a break?!

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Primary School Friend in Town

A primary school friend was in town, it was a good opportunity for me and two other hk-stationed primary school classmates to catchup with him.  Couldn’t remember the last time the 4 of us met up, and we were still missing one who’s in Canada now and to whom we could only greet via WhatsApp.  It’s always good to meet and chat with old friends, but for some reason I didn’t seem to be as immersed into the conversation as I usually do this time around.

Perhaps I was just a little tired, still not 100% recovered from my sickness?  Truth is that I seem to be having a difficult time sleeping and focusing since Tuesday after inviting a friend to visit my studio and sharing with her the many works and ideas I have.  Admittedly an introvert, I don’t usually open up myself this easily to others.  I now find my mind constantly going back to the conversations I had with her on Tuesday evening (which coincidentally turned out to be 七夕) and trying to decipher whether she shares the same feelings I have for her.  Dropping this down on my journal, which I doubt anyone reads, seems to give a little relief.  What should I do next?


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