Let’s Start Over

Finally returned church for worship today after many months of attending it online from home in my pajamas. Many b&s stopped by to say hello. Some wanted to initiate conversations, but I feel a little uncomfortable and shy like a newcomer. I also returned to fellowship for the first time on Friday since CNY. The attendance actually seemed more numerous than before the pandemic. I was feeling a little uncomfortable and shy as well. I guess I just need some time to warm-up and re-habilitate into real authentic church relationships after the many months of social distancing?

The sermon today talked about focusing on God during the pandemic. I just remembered the part about Jesus willing to leave behind all His heavenly riches and humbled Himself to come serve and connect with us sinful earthlings.

Have moved out to live by myself for about 3 weeks now. I do feel more focused on work during weekdays. And when I go home for dinner and weekend stay overs, I feel more “present” for my parents as though trying to makeup for the increased time I am staying away from home.

Overall, I think me moving out is a good start. May God continue to bless me and my family as we start life anew in the post-covid19 era. 🙏🏻

Sketch… Sunday Service

Canada Day 2020

On July 1st, I prefer to celebrate Canada Day over the Handover Day of Hong Kong back to China, which is not something worth celebrating in many Hongkongers’ point-of-view.

I was born in HK and have spent much of my life here. I have also lived in Canada for about 15 years. I’ve moved back to HK for nearly 11 years now, but my value system and the way I act still often seems more like a Canadian than a Hongkonger.

Over the past year of anti-extradition protests and covid-19 pandemic, I witnessed the creativity and perseverance of Hongkongers and grew fond of my birth city.

The National Security Law from Beijing was passed hastily last night without Hongkongers’ discussion, understanding, and approval. Many people were immediately arrested for violating the unclear piece of Law today.

A dark gloom has veiled over our city since the National Security Law was passed yesterday. Another friend announced today that his family of four will move back to Canada end of July. Some of my Canadian friends voiced out their disgust of the new Law. I agree with them, the majority of Hongkongers would likely agree with them too. Rather than joining the rant, I find myself constantly asking the question – “what can I do to help?” Seriously, what can we do to help?

Oh Lord, people in our city are being oppressed and are struggling for their rights of freedom and justice. Can You help us? 🙏🏻

An Accomplished Week

Towards the end of the first half of 2020, I rushed into finishing some of the things I planned to do before starting life anew in July. Here are some of my accomplishments this past week:

Tue – Submitted my proposal for a commercial tenancy at JCCAC

Wed – Disassembled a long-standing bridge model at the studio and reclaimed my Iron Ring. Need to remind myself to focus on doing more engineering work and less art as I really can’t afford to be a starving artist anymore.

Thu – Holiday, brewed up the first cup of coffee at my new home. Finally finished cleaning up the place (for now).

Fri – Met up an old high school friend who is now considered my neighbour as my new home is only 5-10 min walk to his place. Happy to finally meet and catch up with him after nearly 2 years!

Sat – Finally met up with the girl-I-like since our last date in January! We met and chatted over lunch. My feelings for her seems to have survived the many months of social-distancing, but I’m still not certain if the feeling is mutual. How can I tell? If only I have the courage to tell her how I feel about her and ask her directly what she thinks of me. Maybe I’ll do that on our next date, hopefully it won’t take another 6 months.

Oh Lord, thank you for a somewhat accomplished week. I’ve done the best I can to follow Your guidance, please continue to lead and guide me in my career and my relationship with the girl-I-like. 🙏🏻

Sketch… Sunday Service

Social Week

Have had an unusually social week during these social-distancing times. On Thursday, I even met up with 2 separate friends and had 3 total hours of phone conversations on 2 separate calls, ended up not setting foot in the studio the whole day!

I purposely scheduled all the meetups this week because I wanna hear my friends comments/advice prior to writing up a proposal on a business opportunity that may open up at the end of the year. Didn’t have too many comments/advice that seemed to alter my original idea. Nonetheless, I do enjoy seeing and catching up with my friends even with the added inconvenience of wearing masks everywhere we go in this hot weather. I cherish my friends more now thanks to the pandemic.

Took me about a day to write up the proposal, it actually took longer than I expected. I’m glad I took the time to think and write up the proposal, it was an opportunity to consolidate what I wanna do, not just for this opportunity, but for my career in general. I’m now a bit more certain about what God wanted me to do with all the gifts and resources He has lavishly entrusted me with.

Oh God, please continue to guide me in my career, let me use the gifts and resources You have given me to serve others, as faithful stewards of Your grace in its various forms. 🙏🏻

Sketch… Sunday Service

Boarding School Begins Again

Met up with some good old friends for lunch and exhibition seeing in TST. Last time we met was already back in Jan.! Good to be socializing again after nearly half a year of social distancing.

After parting my friends, I took a stroll alone in TST reminiscing the days when I used to go to boarding school in P.1-2. Back in the days, my family usually went for dim sum at the same restaurant in TST on Sundays. After lunch, my parents would usually stay for mahjong while one of my sisters would take me for a ferry ride to Central where I would take the school bus to Stanley for a week of boarding school. Occasionally, my family would visit me at school during opening hours on Wednesday. But usually I would only see my family again when I go home on Friday evening. Everything would repeat again on Sunday.

Finally moved to my new place tonight after dinner at home with my parents. I told them this is just like boarding school all over again. They used to tell friends how they sobbed in the van while seeing me off on the first day of boarding school, and I would go off immediately making new friends and playing with them. I don’t know if my parents would sob seeing me off tonight, but I’m actually sobbing now while writing this post.

Oh Lord, please take care of my parents while I’m away. Help them understand somehow that I’m in Your good hands, just like the time in boarding school when I first got to know You and started praying to You. 🙏🏻

Sketch… Sunday Service


Met and caught up with my UW friends last night, this is officially my first social meetup since the pandemic broke out in Jan.! Haven’t really been socializing for so long, I felt especially happy seeing and chatting with everyone. Thanks to COVID-19, I now realize how important it is to have friends to share with regardless of how introverted I am. It’s good to have my social life slowly transitioning back to normal.

My church fellowship and Sunday service are also transitioning back offline, but I decided to delay my transition until July. I actually didn’t feel like I miss my fellowship that much. Fellowship life over the past couple of years seemed a bit stale, repetitive, and lack of growth. Relationships with b&s is ok, but still feel a little superficial after so many years. Would it be ok if I stop going to fellowship altogether? I can probably put the Friday evening time to better use than superficial gatherings, right?

Also transitioning to move into a new place on my own. Finally bought a bed and washer and had them delivered last week. Will dedicate most of my time and effort this coming week to have it ready for move in by Friday!

The future of HK still looks grim politically and economically, but thanks to my parents and the gracious love of God, I don’t really feel all too worried. Looking back, I have always been graciously given more than I need. Recently, I’ve been realizing more and more that I’m in a good position to serve and help than needing help from others. Oh God, please continue to help me see how You want me to serve the people in this city with all the gracious gifts and resources You have lavishly given me. Please continue to guide me to become a good steward on Earth for as long as you allowed me here. 🙏🏻