Creative Monday

img_3850A rainy day, not good to do any outdoor sketching, instead spent the afternoon finish reading the 5 illustrative books by Jimmy S.P.A. I borrowed from the library awhile ago.  The 5 books were of a series named Paradise Lost (失樂園), all published in 2005.  The series is consisted of many individual chapters, each illustrating an imaginative character in the Lost Paradise.  Having borrowed and read all of Jimmy’s published books up till the series, I see no ends to his imagination (yet).

Reading the books gave me some idea of the comic strip I’ve been dreaming to do, but never got started.  Perhaps due to self-doubt and insufficient courage.  Besides, who in this world still reads regular comic strips like Snoopy or Calvin & Hobbes?!  And what exactly do I wish to achieve from doing a comic strip?!  Starting a regular comic strip is one of those things that is not too difficult to initiate, but rather difficult to maintain and sustain, a journey that warrants more careful research and planning before embarking.  If I ever do get crazy enough to engage is this little dream of mine, please make every effort to support the starving artist! 😅

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100th Poke-a-mon(itor) Caught!

img_3807Since discovering the magic of the brush pen, I got hooked and took every possible opportunity to sketch and doodle while traveling on the MTR.  My models are fellow subway riders who were immersed in their phones and had no idea they were being sketched.  There were no shortage of volunteering models.  This fun and free life drawing exercise had been going on for a little less than a month, and I had just caught my 100th poke-a-mon(itor) yesterday!

I’ve always find drawing the face and the hands to be the most difficult part of drawing the human figure, the free life drawing exercise seems to help overcome my fear a little while easing my starvation for art.  Now having drawn my 100th model, I think I shall temporary cease this exercise before I get caught and make my subjects angry.  Perhaps I shall delve deeper and spend more time learning and practicing drawing portraits before revisiting this fun and life drawing exercise?  It would be nice if I become good enough to draw portraits for others, I can then setup a booth to draw people while listening to their interesting life stories.  It’s probably better to draw people than landscape/architecture, “… people are more important than places,” I recall someone told me in a dream.

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JF Hike

dscn2492The annoying hot summer weather in HK seems to be finally fading, and the typhoon and associated rain did not hit as forecasted, perfect weather for our fellowship to kickoff the first hike of the year!  It’s really refreshing to be immersed in nature and away from the urban concrete jungle once in a while.

HK has one of the most extended, well planned, and accessible hiking trails in the world, it’s a shame that I’ve never quite explored it for the 7+ years since my return from Canada.  I really should get outside more often to explore and get to know my birth city a little more.

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Movies and Dreams

img_3789After the exhausting craft fair on the Sept. 10th weekend, I thought about going on a short vacation to re-energize myself before getting busy again for the new Fall “co-op term”, but abandoned the idea as I don’t know how to justify the cost of going alone and without a purpose.  Did a brief stay-cation instead and saved some carbon footprint.

For the past couple of weeks, I had been consistently having my daily devotions in the morning, a habit that I’ve grown to depend on in preparing myself for the often stressful day of urban life.  Another thing I’ve been doing a lot is watching movies, watched 4 movies in about 10 days!  It was kind of spontaneous, except for one documentary which I bought the ticket about a month ago.  I enjoyed all 4 movies, and they all seem to speak to me in little ways:

六弄咖啡館 – I started dreaming about opening a small coffee/gardening shop because I enjoyed the subtle personal exchange of life stories.

Florence and the Uffizi Gallery – The little artist inside of me was yearning to come out, but I don’t think I can afford sculpting David for 3 or 4 years like Michelangelo did in this day and age.

Pele – I always enjoyed playing soccer as a kid.  The soccer ball even became one of my best friends in university days, I would go to a nearby grass field to juggle the ball alone to relief a little stress while my friends were busy studying for exams in their dorm rooms… But I’ve never dreamt of becoming a professional soccer player.

Life | Animated – Despite my mom’s suspicion, I don’t think I’m autistic like Ross Suskind in the movie, but I can relate as I do get trapped in my own little world sometimes too.  And I still occasionally dream of starting a regular comic strip… someday. 

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Umbrella Movement 2nd Anniversary 

I remember vividly this night 2 years ago when I went out to witness one of the biggest civil movements in HK, my phone was flooded with messages from family and friends telling me to stay safe…

Seeing the recent LegCo election result, I think the eventual Umbrella Movement was not futile, at least it made a political-ignorant guy like me to go out and vote. So stay hopeful, Hongkongers!

In retrospect, I still don’t like politics and have probably wasted too much time reading up political news in the past 2 years.  Hopefully the next governing party of this city will waste less time politicking and spend more time acting on things that would benefit its people.

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Brush Pen

img_3779Recently I started doing quick sketches using my calligraphy brush pen, and the results amazed myself!  To my surprise, the months of training in Chinese calligraphy seems to have improved my life drawing skills as well, I can now sketch much freer and quicker and with better results!

One of my recent endeavour is sketching people who are absorbed by their phones on the MTR, it’s like free life drawing exercise on the go! 😁

I think God has heard my prayer and helped me find a new way to satisfy my starvation for art.

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Starving for Art

img_3752I felt a sudden urge to do art recently.  I think it all started on the Sunday morning when I arrived early at JCCAC before the craft fair.  I arrived there after Sunday service, with a couple of idle hours before the start of fair, I slowly strolled around the quiet building.  Passed by many studios’ front door, some showing works of the resident artists, I couldn’t help but imagine what life would be like to be the artists doing art full time.

I have a feeling that I’m distancing myself from art, haven’t really immersed myself with art since quitting the weekly oil painting and watercolor classes, the last oil painting I completed was way back in November last year!  I replaced my weekly painting classes with weekly Chinese calligraphy classes, but that didn’t seem to fill the craving for art.

The urge to do art was so intense that I spontaneously decided to go out and sketch on Monday afternoon, something I haven’t done since February.  That seemed to ease the craving a little.  I always have the idea that I should focus on my career now and then draw and paint all I want when I retire.  Art seems to play a bigger role in my life than I expected.  If I can’t control my starvation and limit myself to doing art on Mondays, I may not help but become a true starving artist. 😅  Oh Lord, is that what you want me to do?

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JCCAC Handicraft Fair

Partnered with a friend to participate in the quarterly JCCAC craft fair over the weekend, it was truly an exhausting exercise for the introvert!  Being an introvert, I’m really not too keen on meeting new people and selling my products.  The lack of sleep on the night prior to the fair and the unexpected huge crowd of fair goers made the exercise even more tiring.  I was totally drained on Sunday night, and am still not entirely recovered while writing this post.

Thankful that many of my friends and family dropped by to say hi and show their support, that made the exercise much more bearable.

Despite the tiredness, I think the event was a worthwhile experience.  While being bored sitting at the booth, I began observing the facial expressions of the people walking by, sadly relatively little smiles were seen among them.  On the 2nd day, I wrote a little note and had Dexter pretend to be a calligraphy master.  It didn’t really help the sales, but there were quite a few people who noticed the miniature scene and smiled.  “Put in batteries and the robot can write letters”, a little girl told her mom.  That put a little smile on my face in return. 😃


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