Sketch… Sunday Service

6 Months of Protest

Joined another city protest with my sister and brother-in-law yesterday. It has been 6 months of social unrest since the 1-million-people strong peaceful protest on June 9th. The controversial extradition bill was finally withdrawn in September, but the uncountable protests in the past 6 months had revealed many more issues in our city including government bureaucracies and irresponsibility, police stupidity and brutality, and the city’s diminishing freedom and human rights, etc.

800 thousand people rallied yesterday, it was a testimony of Hongkongers anguish and perseverance. Will our government listen and act upon its people’s request? Looks unlikely.

With the last days of 2019 in count down, I honestly don’t know how our city can get out of this political turmoil entering 2020. Will we see a good end in 2019?

Throughout the past 6 months, I’m often reminded of the biblical story of a prostitute being led to Jesus for judgement, and his reply? “If any one of you is without sin, let him…” He stooped down again and wrote on the ground. In the remaining days of 2019, I shall try not to criticize or judge for I’m just another sinner like everyone else. If time permits, I shall indulge in writing more encouraging and comforting words with brush-and-ink.

Oh God, only you can help our city and its people, please don’t turn Your eyes away from us sinners. 🙏🏻

Sketch… (early) Sunday Service

A Good Week

The past week was a good week, a rarity in recent months.

Early on Monday, many Hongkongers woke up to the uplifting news about the big win of the pro-democracy camp in the district council election. I found out that my district is actually one of the most pro-Beijing districts and the candidate I voted for had lost. It was a happy day nonetheless, and my family (the majority pro-democracy ones) went out for a celebration dinner together.

In mid-week, Trump signed the Human Rights Act that would allow US to sanction those Hongkongers (mainly pro-Beijing politicians) who violated Human Rights according to international standards. That fueled more happiness in the city.

The many happy news led to a mostly peaceful week all the way to Saturday when I began the busy weekend of work in a craft fair. The fair was surprisingly packed with visitors. I seized the opportunity to infuse some positive energy into the city. Using my never-good-enough calligraphy skill, I wrote nearly 100 “香港人加油” and some custom requests for “光復香港 時代革命” and “願榮光歸香港” etc. It was tiring, but I really enjoyed making art and being appreciated of my work. May what I do be of goodness in God’s eyes too. 🙏🏻

“Each of you should use whatever gifts you were given to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.” (1Peter 4:10)

Sketch… (early) Sunday Service

District Elections

As advised by many friends, I went to the poll station very early this morning, but the lineup was already very long as expected. I didn’t want to be late for church so I postponed my vote to later this afternoon, and there was zero lineup then (~1700).

While writing this post, the radio news said more than 56% of eligible voters had casted their votes by 1730, a historic record for HK’s elections!! Regardless of the result, this is a positive sign. I truly hope this election will bring some positive changes to our city’s suffocating atmosphere.

It’s been a peaceful weekend so far, a rarity in recent months. However, there are still scarce amount of protesters trapped in PolyU refusing to seek help. Report says many of them are suffering from various degrees of psychological disorder after the week-long isolation. I truly hope that they won’t be neglected.

The city is currently still very polarized and filled with distrust and hostility, is there anything I can do to help besides casting my vote and offering my prayers? Oh God, please help our city find a way out of this political disaster and let the healing process begin. 🙏🏻

Sketch… Sunday Service

Taipei Trip 1116 – 1119

Took on a short 4-day trip to Taipei with a couple of fellowship brothers. One of them planned the whole trip and made all the bookings, me and the other brother simply tagged along. My only contribution to the itinerary was suggesting to visit the Juming Museum. It was far from the city and took some long traveling time, but my friends’ happy faces after the visit told me I had made a good suggestion and the long travel was well worth it!

Also had the opportunity to visit a few large scale craft markets, really admire the mature creative cultural industry in Taiwan. I kept questioning why HK can’t nurture such a creative industry, it’s not like we’re short of talents as proven by the countless hi-quality protesting materials produced freely and often anonymously since June. Perhaps the high cost of living and rent is to blame?

Was hoping to take a little break, but I couldn’t help but keep a close watch of the news in HK. Was seriously worried about PolyU, worrying that 8964 Massacre would take place in HK. Fortunately it didn’t happen, but the tension is still not fully resolved with an estimate of less than 100 protesters trapped inside the university with scarce food and deteriorating hygiene and health conditions.

The protesters are trapped physically in PolyU and me together with many Hongkongers are trapped emotionally by the lingering protest no matter where we go.

Oh God, please don’t turn your eyes away from us, help us find a way out of this political mess. 🙏🏻


There’s a recent downturn of events regarding the lingering protests in our city. After the violent clashes inside my neighborhood mall on Sunday, it was violently defaced and crumbled under the attack of “masked individuals”. The shopping mall will not reopen until December.

My neighborhood street was also blockaded. It deemed a natural target when the HKPF targets university students and my home is perfectly sandwiched between 2 universities.

But what aggravated me most was that the riot police had brutality attacked my Alma mater. It fired over 1000 tear gas canisters into the campus in less than a day! Even the university chancellor suffered from TG while trying to negotiate between the HKPF and students! The previous chancellor, being a practicing doctor, led a team of expert medics into the university late at night to treat those who were injured (more than 100). The HKPF retreated and allowed a rare day of relatively peacefulness. The tension seemed to have worsened again today and got me worried. I was later relieved after hearing from the late night radio news that the university students decided not to battle the HKPF head on.

Happy that I can now go on my 4-day Taipei vacation with a slightly lightened spirit.

Oh God, please continue to help our city to find its way out of this turmoil while I take a little rest. 🙏🏻

Feeling Low…

Last week started off pretty well as I finally picked up my running practice again after a full year of absence from the track. Ran 2 times, about 3k each, happy that I wasn’t too out of shape as I thought.

Also spent a couple of days cleaning up the studio, still need to test the laser cutter, should be able to transition into more digital fabrication work soon.

The endorphin that resulted from the small achievements didn’t last as my emotion dropped dramatically after hearing the news about the death of a 22 year old protestor who “fell” from a parking lot. A young university student with a bright future had his life cut short and will never see his full potential realized. May the truth regarding his death be revealed.

More police brutality broke out inside the shopping mall near my home yesterday, and this morning another youngster (21 yr-old) was shot with real bullets. He’s still in critical condition as I’m writing this post.

Oh God, do You hear the collective cry of our city? Will You act to purge out the evil? And what am I and other followers supposed to do in such political turmoil? I can’t help but feel helpless. 😢🙏