Sketch… Sunday Service

Procrastinating… 😖

There’s only a bit over a week left before my scheduled Q4 break. Had been working long hours each day this past week. Finally completed a 3D printing commission and had the prints delivered and paid for. Thankful for this first ever 3D modeling and printing opportunity, it boosted my confidence in persevering in this field that is still advancing and carries great potential. Also started cleaning up the studio, printing parts nonstop to fix and strengthen some of the fragile experimental works so that they won’t break as easily while I’m away for the entire Q4.

Had been so occupied by work that I left my weekly calligraphy homework till the very last minute to finish just before class on Thur. afternoon. After class, I made an effort to visit a soon to close down “yellow” restaurant in the neighborhood for an early dinner before heading back to the studio for work into the late evening.

Besides work, I’m also procrastinating about the mid-Oct marathon I registered. Was planning to do a half marathon practice this past week, but I was too tired and overslept before the practice. Only managed to do a 10k practice. With the lack of practice due to an extremely hot and wet summer, I’m not even sure if I can even pull off a half marathon at this point, will just try my best to complete the upcoming marathon and enjoy the journey as much as I can.

Besides studio work and running, I still need to schedule a dentist appointment, get a haircut, cleanup my dirty and messy apartment, and hopefully still be able to make arrangements for a much needed bathroom renovation while I’m away in Q4.

There’s only a bit over a week left, may God continue to help me finish up the tasks so that I may leave in a less worrisome state. 🙏🏻

Sketch… Sunday Service

Meetups and Work

Had 6 meetup meals this past week, 3 of which with my parents, 1 with my calligraphy class, 1 with my fellowship b&s, and a spontaneous one with a couple of old UW friends whom I haven’t met for years! As much as I enjoyed meeting and catching up with family and friends, I started feeling the pressure of not having enough time to complete the many unfinished projects and tasks on hand before the upcoming Q4 break. I grew impatient when my parents and sister asked for the third dinner meetup tonight. I already went back to my parents’ place for dinner yesterday and I could really use some solitude and rest after a hectic work and social week. But I succumbed and had dinner with them again tonight.

Powered by stress and procrastination, I had been busy working in the studio past 10pm almost every night this past week. The 3D printers had been busy churning out prints non-stop. Hope I can finish up the work at hand and leave the studio at a tidy and worry-free state before my scheduled Q4 break.

Besides work, there are also many personal tasks I need to do before leaving the city for 3+ months. These include cleaning my super messy and dirty apartment, upgrading my prehistoric iPhone6, get new glasses and contacts, dentist checkup, haircut, marathon practices…

Oh God, I desperately need your help to finish up the many things on hand before the upcoming Q4 break to take a little breather from this suffocating city. 🙏🏻

Sketch… Sunday Service

Extreme Weather

Was planning to make up for the half-marathon run that was deterred by typhoon Saola last week, but it was once again forced to cancel due to rain this week. I asked my calligraphy teacher to start half-an-hour early on Thur. evening so that I can leave early for my scheduled half-marathon run. Light rain started after class, so I decided to go back to the studio to do some work instead. When I left work at around 10:30pm, the rain started to get heavy. I took bus home as usual and had an ice-cream at McD before walking back home. The rain escalated from red to black heavy rain signal during the short ice-cream indulging interval. It was pouring cats and dogs, and I saw some minor flooding on my short walk home. Immediately after arriving home, I posted on IG saying that it was the rainiest day I had ever experienced!

I wasn’t exaggerating, the heavy rain turned out to break all records since weather recording began in 1884! The nearest subway station (Wong Tai Sin) from my home was actually flooded entirely and the nearby mall had the entire bottom floor submerged in water! The videos posted online felt surreal.

The unexpected extreme rain caught me totally unprepared the next day. I was bored and felt restless at home. Managed to get back to the studio to work in the late afternoon as the bus slowly returned to service.

Accomplished less than I planned this past week. I managed to complete the custom sea scout minifig project that was postponed by typhoon. Also made some related 3DP boat samples. Bumped into my studio neighbor/client on Sat. and showed him the minifig and boat samples. He seemed happy with the results and had commissioned some 3DP boats on top of the completed minifigs!

Sat. was actually my most productive day of the week. Besides showing the commissioned 3D prints to my neighbor/client, I managed to go to two separate workshops (tie dye and Chinese painting) and had dinner at my parents’ place.

Time is running out with less than a month left before my scheduled Q4 break to take a breather from this suffocating city. Need to accelerate and pick up my pace this week, add oil!! 💪🏻🙏🏻

Sketch… Sunday Service

Super Typhoon Saola

The day after the rare super blue moon appeared, Super Typhoon started ravaging the city on Fri. morning, but I managed to sneak back to the studio in the early afternoon to do some work before the highest typhoon no. 10 signal was hoisted in the evening.

The unexpected typhoon deterred many of my plans this past week. I wasn’t able to do a scheduled half-marathon practice and my Lego minifig project needed to be postponed. Despite the circumstances, I was able to utilize the remote 3D printing option of the newly acquired printer to complete a couple of long prints while I safely stayed home.

After much procrastination, I finally bought plane tickets for my upcoming “co-op” term in Q4. There was a little relieve after the reasonably priced tickets were purchased. But many uncertainties remain and there are still many things I need to finish up in the remaining month. May God continue to grant me the required wisdom, energy, and guidance. 🙏🏻

Sketch… Sunday Service

Still Progressing…

Made considerable progress on the 3DP Lego minifig project, should be able to complete the order this coming week! For my weekly long run practice, I only managed to complete a 10k run this week. Aiming to do a half-marathon this week, hopefully the weather and my body would cooperate.

Didn’t need to go back to my parents’ place for dinner tonight as I did that yesterday instead. After finishing the early Sunday service, I had the whole day to myself. I managed to complete an art piece for my ongoing critically endangered caricature series in a single Sunday art therapy session!

Time is running out for me to finish off my planned Q3 work, need to keep up my progress next week! May God continue to guide me and grant me the necessary wisdom and energy to finish off the planned Q3 work. 🙏🏻

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