Daily Archives: Nov 20, 2023


A good friend entrusted me with his precious and super fun car to drive for a week while he was out of town for his business trip. Other than Monday which I forced myself to stay home to work on my business proposal, I seized the opportunity to go out everyday to meet up friends. Also spent an afternoon doing some shopping, I should now have enough food to survive in the basement for a couple of weeks!

Returned the car to my friend on Friday after lunch with a common uni friend. On Sat, I managed to meet up yet another friend and his son for lunch at one of my usual brunch venue that’s about 15 min walk from my rented basement. In the evening, my friend (also my landlord) drove me to a nearby market that’s filled with a warm Christmas atmosphere.

Today, a brother from church who lived nearby gave me a ride to Sunday Service.

I’m super grateful for my friends here who have been very kind and eager to lend me a helping hand after knowing I was visiting town. Without them, I would be struggling to find a place to rent and to survive in this basement without renting a car.

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