Daily Archives: Jun 10, 2022

Vacation Started

After a few hectic days of finishing up my studio work, cleaning my home, and packing, I officially started my month-long Canadian vacation on June 8th.

I flew with my friend’s family of 4 who were moving back to Canada, and thanks to him, I got a free ride to the airport. Lucky for the both of us, the heavy rain didn’t start until after we arrived at the airport. Many of my friend’s family members came to bid their last farewell, the 6 and 9 yr-old kids started crying as we entered the departure area and finally realizing they will be separated from their relatives for a very long time. I imagined this to be a common scene at the HK airport nowadays.

The plane ride was long but less tiresome as I remembered. The 6-yr-old kid felt unwell during the plane’s decent at the destination. She vomited and slept as we picked up the luggages and went through the customs, a roughly 2-hr process as we estimated. After we got out of the customs, a couple of friends picked us up. We first visited my friend’s newly rented condo and unloaded the many luggages. The kids were super happy when they saw their new home and soon have forgotten their earlier tiredness and sickness.

After the first stop, my friend drove me to my sister’s place where I’ll be staying for my month-long vacation. I took a shower and slept almost immediately. Slept like a baby and didn’t wake up until 7-ish am. Jet-lag seemed to have mostly subsided the next day.

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