Daily Archives: Jun 16, 2022

First Week

It has been slightly over a week since I started my month-long vacation. Have been meeting and catching up with friends almost daily since I returned to Toronto, nice to see everyone happy and well. I’m grateful for friends who have been leaving messages and welcoming me back as soon as I set foot on this land that I last visited 4 years ago.

Just one week into the vacation and I’m already starting to feel bored, especially during the day when my friends are busy with their work. I think life in HK had been too hectic and stressful in the past few years that it now feels a bit uneasy to slowdow here. I’m sure I’ll find things to entertain myself eventually, and by the time I start enjoying this new relaxing lifestyle, it may already be time for me to return and readjust to the crazy life in HK again. Need to live up to my highschool’s motto and seize the day while I still can, “Carpe Diem”!

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