Daily Archives: Jun 29, 2022

Third Week

Third week into my month-long vacation. Still meeting up friends almost daily. Beginning to see repeating friends in the meetups, still grateful seeing every single friend healthy and happy!

I think I’m now more attuned to the slower pace here in Canada. I usually get more than 8 hours of restful sleep every day now. And after waking up, I would catch up on the online news and WhatsApp messages before getting out of bed. Then I would go out to pick up my daily coffee and brunch and enjoy the meal in the beautiful park nearby. I usually take a slow walk in the park, and sometimes do sketches here and there, before heading back to my sister’s place. Evenings are usually reserved for meetups with friends.

Since the DQHs in HK are all booked up in the summer, I tried to postpone my flight back, but it turned out that my flight was already cancelled for some reason. Shouldn’t the airline reschedule my flight if it was cancelled? I guess at least now I wouldn’t need to worry about scrambling for a DQH that would match my original return flight. Now I have neither a return flight nor a DQH booked, it looks like God would like me to stay here for a bit longer to rest, social, and continue to soak up all the Canadian goodness that I missed in the past 4 years!

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