Back to Work

A little reluctant, but I went back to work on Wed. (Feb. 1st) as promised after an extended LNY holiday. Didn’t get a lot done at the studio other than wrapping up the 100 Blessings postcard fai-chuns project and cleaning up the messy art area. Also had a long lunch on Fri. with a friend and his colleague, they treated me and my colleague for the start of year lunch (開年飯) which was cancelled last year due to a severe COVID wave.

My plan for the extended LNY holiday was to work on a rather ambitious website project that’s related to Chinese calligraphy. Made good progress, but still need a little work before I can demo it to friends. Will give myself one more week to work on this project before moving on to other projects in the queue. Add oil! 💪🏻

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