Goodbye 2020

New Year came on Friday, but the atmosphere during the long weekend was the least festive I’ve ever experienced. The world seems more glad to see 2020 pass than hopeful to welcome 2021.

I spent the long weekend wrapping up a couple of projects in the studio. Reviewing 2020, there wasn’t much accomplishments to speak of, I’m just super thankful that my family and I stayed healthy and well amidst the crazy pandemic. Aside from that, I’m grateful that I had managed to stick to my daily devotional plan and read through the Bible once. The extra personal time gained due to less work and social activities certainly helped. I even had spare time to complete Inktober52 on top of the annual October event, there were nearly 100 ink illustrations I completed last year!

As we start 2021, the light at the end of the tunnel seems near as vaccines are being rolled out worldwide, but what will the post-COVID19 era look like? This coming week will be a good time to do some planning…

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