Life and Death

Just finished reading a short book Morrie: In His Own Words. Was constantly thinking about my 90-yr-old classmate from my Tuesdays-with-Morrie-like calligraphy class. He’s good and well and I still feel blessed to seeing him at class every Tuesday morning. But over the ~2.5 years since I started learning calligraphy, I’ve been witnessing his hearing and mobility decline. Occasionally when he was late to class, I would worry if anything bad might have happened to him.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m kinda prepared for the day when my dear elderly classmate may inevitably stop coming to class altogether, and that’s why I cherish the time that he’s still healthy and well and can join us for class and dim sum every Tuesday. A good allegory to the saying “live like you’re dying” perhaps?

Life is short. My parents just told us today during our family lunch that one of our distant uncle suddenly passed away last week. I think I’ve only seen this uncle a handful of times, so I’m not nearly as saddened as I was when my more dear uncle passed away more than a year ago. Regardless, it’s a reminder again to me and my family of how short life is and how we should cherish our limited healthy days on earth to live fully.

May my uncle’s soul Rest In Peace. 🙏🏻

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