Weekly Update

This week flew by rather quickly, here are some highlights…  The weekly Monday afternoon volunteering with the elderly was canceled, I decided to go watch a movie (I Can Only Imagine) which turned out to be one of the most inspiring movies I’ve seen for quite some time! Had coffee roasting class in the evening.  On Wednesday evening, I had a baking class, went to the venue early to see a Hanzi exhibition nearby.  On Friday afternoon, my sister took my parents, me, my nephew, my aunt, cousin and her near 3-year-old boy to a buffet.  Though I don’t like buffets, the highlight that afternoon was seeing my aunt, cousin and her adorable and curious little kid.  It was my first time meeting the youngster, we hit it off nicely, and he insisted on holding my hand on our way home.  That totally made my day!  It’s good to know that aunt and cousins are doing ok after my uncle passed away more than a year ago.

In terms of work, I was happy to successfully reprint a 3D model for my friend.  It wasn’t a simple task actually because the print takes about 12 hours to complete and the print nozzle would shift unexpectedly at times forcing me to start over.  It was a good experience nonetheless because during the process I found out how to remotely control the 3d printer and also discovered a great place nearby to get 3d printing supplies.

Now there are only about 2 weeks left before my (unplanned) long summer vacation with my family, there are many things I wish to complete beforehand, and so my procrastination begins…

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