End of Q2

Finished the 4th and last class of the paper-making course on Monday. I can now resume my regular routines on Mondays. I started going to work at the studio early in the morning because I desperately needed AC during the day in this extremely hot weather. Started the long process of cleaning up the messy studio. Started with the neglected Garden of Eden project. Dusted off the table and added automated lighting. The abandoned piece of land had now been turned into a land flowing with milk and honey. It’s now ready for the addition of new plants.

There’s an agave plant at a park near my studio that is blooming. The rare 2-3 storey high flower got me visiting nearly everyday for the past few weeks. This is one of the most exciting occasions for a succulent lover!

Finally read the “Loss Adjustment Report” from our studio neighbor who is seeking compensations from the disastrous sprinkler incident that happened in our unit back in January. I deterred reading the report last week after seeing the crazy large amount of compensations that the neighbour is seeking from us. But after spending some time to read the report in more details this week, I felt utter relief! The report was one of the most unprofessional reports I have ever read, and most of the items that they’re claiming compensations from us had no proof of damages and were obviously fraudulent claims. If they decide to go ahead with their legal prosecutions on us, they might end up needing to explain to the judge how this wasn’t a case of extortion instead!

Q2 had gone by in a whiff. Q3 will be a quarter of thorough cleanup for both my studio and my home. Hopefully it wouldn’t take up the whole quarter, will see.

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