“Single“ Again!

Though more or less expected, I was especially ecstatic yesterday morning when a single line on my rapid test reassured my recovery from COVID! I immediately told my fellowship caring group to let me join the scheduled dinner meetup!

Stayed home the entire week without stepping outside. Took the opportunity to put in some finishing touches on the website project I had been working on since CNY holidays. The website is ready to launch anytime but I hope to design and make some product samples first so that potential customers can order online immediately after I officially launch the website. Should be ready to launch in mid-March!

Finally get to see my parents tonight since my mom had her heart surgery and me catching and recovering from COVID about 2 weeks ago. My mom seemed more frail than before, but I’m confident that she’ll eventually improve to a better state than she was before the surgery. Looking back at the surgery, I am filled with thankfulness because the regular body checkup helped my mom find the clogged arteries and avoided the potential serious stroke that may result for many elderly. My dad strongly agreed with me.

Thank you God for healing my mom and myself of our sicknesses. 🙏🏻

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