Social Isolation

The government announced that it will extend its current unreasonably strict pandemic measures for 2 more weeks into the CNY holidays. Besides my weekly calligraphy class meetup and a consultation session at a paper artisan workshop, my time this week was mostly spent at the studio and at home.

Had a funny thought this morning when I woke up. I realized that I managed to get past the whole day yesterday (Saturday) without uttering a single word. I think I’m now quite adapted living in social isolation, just not sure if the stored up social energy from earlier holiday meetups would last for 2 more weeks.

The consultation session with my paper artisan friend was quite fruitful, we confirmed to collaborate on a mini art project for CNY. With a spark of inspiration, I came up with the Pokémon-inspired fai chun yesterday, plan to draw 100 of them on handmade papers crafted by my friend. If the spontaneous art project turned out to be as “successful” as I imagined, I may finally be able to launch a more ambitious project that I have been dreaming up for years!

The full moon tonight reminded me that there’s only 15 days left before CNY, it’s time to get busy!

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