What To Do?

Work seems to be picking up after my (half) Sabbatical and studio cleanup, made a new batch of business cards before meeting up a couple of potential collaborators in the past week. In our conversations, I did not hide my plans of possibly moving the business to Canada in the near future as I had pretty much lost all hope in our puppet government and its behind-the-scene regime.

It’s rather depressing to witness the continuing daily persecution of the leaders who had fought for democracy, freedom, justice, and human rights, etc. In the past week, another 4 leaders who had helped organize the annual candlelight vigil to commemorate the Tiananmen incident on June 4th, 1989 were detained and denied bail. What can we do to help the persecuted other than feeling helpless and depressed? I had been donating regularly to a crowdfunding project to help those being persecuted find legal aid and financial assistance, but now even the fund organizers are being persecuted and the fund itself ceasing to operate shortly. Sigh.

Foreseeing the decline of the once beautiful city and knowing that I’ll likely be moving back to Canada in the near future, I had been asking myself a lot about what I should do in HK for the meantime. I don’t have any concrete plans, but in deciding to keep the studio running, I hope to use the gifts and resources God had lavishly given me to serve others and to do “good works”. Hope that I can be a glimmer of light in this darkening city for as long as God keeps me here. 🙏🏻

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