Sabbatical Ended

The opening of the embattled and postponed Tokyo 2020 Olympics also marked the end of my self-conducted (half) Sabbatical. Thought about continuing the rather fruitful Sabbatical till the end of year, but it felt like the right time now to finally get myself out of this marathon pandemic rut and get serious with my life. I shall reserve the right to continue the second half of the Sabbatical for when I visit Canada later (hopefully before year end).

Ordered another budget 3D printer and four spools of filaments to accelerate the papertube furniture project I started experimenting with during the Sabbatical. I still see great potentials with the idea, but not quite sure how to turn it into a sustainable venture yet. Will see how opportunities unfold in the future, meanwhile more R&D work still needs to done before I’m comfortable offering the prototypes as real commercial products.

I’m probably thinking too far ahead at his point, my plan for next week is to cleanup the studio and prepare it for more serious design work in the near future!

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