New (Co-op) Term

With April past, my second 4-month co-op term of 2018 has just begun.

Some of the highlights of the past co-op term includes:

  • completing my first ever marathon
  • completing my ~150 brush-and-ink portraitures of critically endangered species
  • finishing my 2-year term as fellowship committee
  • cleaning up my studio and readying myself to get creative and productive again

Looking back, it felt like I was given a lavishly long hiatus since my uncle passed away in March last year.  It’s almost as though I’ve taken a full sabbatical year off work.

Now with the beginning of a new term (and admittedly running out of cash), it’s really time that I pull myself together and be productive once again!  Must transition back to a more work-centric lifestyle to generate some income (with art?)…

I don’t make movies (art) to make money, I make money to make more movies (art).” – Walt Disney.

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