4X-th Birthday

It was my 4X-th birthday last Wednesday. I took a day off from work. Declined to celebrate with my parents, and I didn’t wanna ask friends out either. I decided to spend the day doing what I enjoy doing – Art! I revived an IG account dedicated to my ink art and started a new series of cartoons about the (sad) story of KOKB (King of Kowloon Bay), It’s something I had been wanting to do for a long time, but I had put the project aside for nearly a year. Guess it’s better late than never, it felt good to once again infuse my depressing life here in this deteriorating city with a little bit of creativity and art exploration.

Also managed to finally get a much needed haircut, it will certainly help me survive the anticipated hot summer here now that I had decided to postpone my return to Canada.

Though I didn’t get to celebrate my birthday with family and friends, it was a day well spent. The positive mood was set as soon as I woke up and did my daily devotions. The scripture that day was Psalm 139:14 “I praise you, because I am fearfully and wonderfully made… “. I was reminded once again that I’m a precious creation from God despite the countless times I had sinned and the unaccomplished life I have been living in the past 4X years. It’s not too late to change the course and return to the path that God had initially planned for me. I was also reminded that I wasn’t alone as many good friends remembered and cared to message me with bday greetings, The good friends are also proof that my 4X years of life is not entirely meaningless. I am genuinely grateful. I also had a thoughtful colleague who surprised me with a couple of small bday cakes when I returned to the studio the next day.

May God continue to pour His grace and mercy on me as I enter the second half of the life He had created me for. 🙏🏻

Plan Postponed

Today is a “sensitive day” according to the local government officials. It’s sad to witness the city deteriorate to a point where people are afraid of merely saying the two numerical digits “64” and commemorating publicly what happened on this day 35 years ago.

It feels suffocating to live in a city where we’re constantly being lied of the rights to freedom of speech and freedom of assembly when the contrary was being witnessed. Countless people are still currently imprisoned or detained for saying what authorities don’t like to hear. That includes Chow Hung Tung, who was accused of organizing an illegal candlelight vigil on this day in 2021.

I made plans to move back to the country where I will be granted genuine freedom in late June or early July. However, the plan has to be delayed because there are still some projects I wish to finish up here before I can leave in peace and without regrets.

Oh God, please continue to pour Your grace and mercy on me and guide my steps forward.

Rainy Week

Joined a friend’s paper-making course the last minute and started off the week with the first of four long classes on Monday. I joined the time-demanding course mainly just to show support for the paper artisan friend, but it turned out to be more interesting than expected. I can actually picture myself experimenting with making recycled paper after I move back to Canada later.

Finished documenting and setting up a monitor stand for my colleague to test at the studio, I’m quite happy with this new LEGO-inspired design. Will continue designing and prototyping more desktop accessories to expand the system!

The entire week had been rather gloomy, so I had delayed lugging stuff from home to the studio. Rain is forecast to continue for the first part of this coming week. I should be able to pick up my pace to clean up both my home and studio later this week after I’m done with the last class of my 8+ years of calligraphy training this coming Thursday! Hopefully, I won’t need to be delayed for too long for my planned return to Canada in the summer.

Sketch… Sunday Service

LEGO Inspirations

I’ve been toying around with LEGO again since working on upgrading my studio’s mascot a month or so ago. Strolled through the LEGO store a few weeks back after my calligraphy class and found one of the recently released botanical series to be on sale. I couldn’t resist and bought the big box set, first time in many years. It took a good whole Sunday to finish assembling it. I recalled the familiar experience of snapping together the bricks when I was a kid while also seeing much improvements in instructions, brick and color variations, and creative use of the pieces.

Stumbled upon a dinosaur kit series that‘s also compatible with LEGO at the local dollar stores (Daiso). Collected 10 of the 12 models. Spent the afternoon today assembling them. Even though they are not genuine LEGO bricks, they snapped together just as fittingly and are sold at a fraction of the cost. I actually liked this series more than the expensive LEGO succulent play set.

Drawing inspiration from LEGO, I’m now in the process of re-designing and prototyping a system of new products at the studio that adheres to its criteria of being “functional, sustainable, and delightful”.

Regarding my preparation work for the upcoming return to Canada this summer, I’m still pretty much procrastinating and haven’t started looking for plane tickets and housing yet.

Sketch… Sunday Service

Procrastinating (still)

Made considerable progress on my mini letterpress prototype, will need a week or more to finish the prototype for friends to test. Just sparked up a few cool ideas recently about products that I can potentially collaborate with friends even after I move back to Canada, will do some prototypes and discuss with friends in coming weeks.

Still procrastinating and still haven’t started looking for plane tickets and housing for my upcoming return to Canada this summer. And my mom started nagging me recently questioning why I’m moving back, even though we have been discussing this since summer 2022 and have reached the decision together as a family.

Oh God, please continue to guide my steps forward and help me see You and follow You in peace. 🙏🏻

Sketch… Sunday Service


Besides joining a short Chinese book-binding workshop on Friday evening, I had kept myself busy this past week designing a small letterpress kit. I thought of an ingenious way of doing the traditional movable type. Should be able complete a functional prototype for friends to test in coming weeks!

The deadline I set for myself to return to Canada is roughly 2 months away. Still haven’t started looking for plane tickets and housing, but I have started notifying my Canadian friends so that they can keep an eye out for me. I also haven’t started clearing out my apartment yet, needed to do that before I leave HK so that my sister can arrange renovations and move in afterwards.

I certainly have started feeling the stress from the upcoming big move, but I have an annoying habit of putting everything off to the very last minute. Will I ever learn not to procrastinate?!

Sketch… Sunday Service

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