Sketch… Sunday Service

臨豐子愷作品 (一八)

Grave Sweeping

Gloomy day, just the right weather to join my aunt and sister to visit my uncle’s grave.  My aunt reminded us that it has been 1 year, 1 month, and x days since my uncle passed away.  She still misses uncle a lot, but less so than the last time we saw her, may time continue to help with the healing.

Uncle’s passing away was probably the most influential event of my year 2017.  I came to realise how meaningless my designing work has been, I mean what’s the point of designing things that cannot help a patient on his sickbed?  I halted my designing work and started spending more and more time indulging in art.  That’s probably when I unofficially began my (starving) artist journey, and I’ve been practicing brush and ink almost daily since then.

More than a year has passed, my brush and ink skill has improved considerably, and I’ve completed my brush and ink portraiture series of endangered species (~150 animal portraits).  Keeping myself occupied with black and white art seems to have helped with the healing as I no longer wetted my face with tears at my uncle’s grave today.

“It’s time to let go and move on,” I told myself.

Sketch… Sunday Service

臨豐子愷作品 (一七)

April is Here!!

Went on a long weekend binge watching Friends, had instant noodle in tupperware and a couple of beer… As unauthentic as this little March Break is, it felt like I can use a little bit of nostalgia before starting things anew…

March 2018 is officially over, and that marks the end of my 2 year term as one of the two fellowship committee members responsible for the social role.  Never really was much of a social guy, plus I really hated those long Sunday committee meetings that kept me from joining my weekly family dim sum lunch.  Regardless, I think I had done my best for the unfitting role and had learnt what God wanted me to learn about the importance of relationships.

As much as I liked joining my weekly fellowship, I honestly feel a little relieved now that I no longer officially hold any responsibilities.

Now with less than one month left till the end of my self-made artsy co-op term, it’s time to pick up the slack and put a good finish to April!!

Sketch… Sunday Service

臨豐子愷作品 (一六)

Sketch… Sunday Service

Sketch… Sunday Service