Sketch… Sunday Service

HK is Dying

Beijing announced on Thursday the National Security Law for HK. The stock market plummeted on Friday (greatest single-day drop in past 5 years) and everyone on the street was talking about it.

The sacrifice of HK’s economy was likely already accounted for before PRC proposed the Law that clearly violates our city’s “One Country, Two Systems”. Looks like China has lost patience to wait till 2047 to take over HK.

I’m worried too, not because of the economic downturn, but more of the freedom and human rights that Hongkongers were promised under the Basic Law. Rumors started to spread on the net about censorship as soon as the Law was announced, I checked quickly and shockingly confirmed it. The horror didn’t cease even after the “bug” was corrected a few hours later. Can’t help worrying when my faithful search engine hinted on bowing down to evil dictatorship.

The city is dying and you know it… but what can you do really? Updated my FB status and some of my friends asked if I would move back to Canada. I replied saying that I needa consider that option now. Seriously, I’ve been thinking more and more about that since Thursday.

Oh Lord, please continue to lead and guide me in life. Help me see You more clearly and follow You more closely. 🙏🏻

Sketch… Sunday Service

Living with COVID-19?

Feeling a bit low this week… Just when I thought the masked days are nearing end, a few local COVID-19 cases of unknown origin broke our city’s 23 consecutive days of zero local cases. Experts foresee that we may need to adapt and coexist with the virus for quite some time and urge everyone to continue wearing masks.

While seeing no end in the pandemic, our city’s marathon civil protests concurrently bounced back after a series of blatant moves by our lying government and its brutal police force. Like the pandemic, I’m seeing no end in our city’s political turmoil.

Virus continues to keep people distanced and civil war continues to tear the city apart, but I’m not really in a position to help either one. Maybe that’s why I’m feeling low? Rather than sulking in discontent, I decided to indulge myself with solitary studio work. Have been experimenting with larger scale 3D printing in the last couple of weeks and getting good results. I should be ready to start my plan of designing and making functional furniture for the new home this week.

Oh Lord, please help me understand my role in midst of the pandemic and civil unrest and act accordingly. Let me not lose faith or hope in You despite the gloomy circumstances. 🙏🏻

Sketch… Sunday Service

Mother’s Day

In lieu of Mother’s Day, my family of 10 finally resumed our Sunday lunch ritual, despite needing to separate into 2 tables due to recently enforced social distancing laws. The restaurant was packed as expected, it’s good to see businesses flourishing once again. After lunch, I went to my new place with my parents and sister to inspect the newly renovated balconies, my dad’s friend had done a great job!

My weekly studio hours also resumed to more or less normal. In fact, there were a couple of days when I arrived at the bus stop at around 6am to start work early. I’m now experimenting with larger scale prints that takes more than 10 hours to complete!

My weekly Tuesday calligraphy class also resumed, it was good seeing my teacher and classmates again. My FB reminded me yesterday that it has been 4 years since I started learning Chinese calligraphy. I’m really thankful for serendipitously enrolling into the class and continuously being fascinated by the art.

It’s been 21 days since our last local confirmed COVID-19 case was recorded, can we stop wearing masks by the time we reach 28 days? The warming weather is making it more and more uncomfortable with the mask on.

Oh Lord, thank you for continuing to help us through the pandemic and let us transition to normal life again. Please continue to look after us and see us through the very end of this long tiring battle against COVID-19. 🙏🏻

Sketch… Sunday Service

100 Days

With 14 days of no COVID-19 confirmed cases locally, and over 100 days of social distancing and masking measures, our city seems to have fended off the pandemic relatively successfully.

We’re now seemingly entering a new stage of transitioning back to normal life. But is that even possible? The pandemic has killed lives and closed down businesses that will never resurrect again. Besides, there must be lessons that we have learnt during this long period of isolation and are eagerly waiting to make changes in the post-pandemic era. Change will be inevitable, but hopefully for the better. I’m actually looking forward to a new life beyond this crazy pandemic, would be a nice change if I can at least leave home without worrying about putting on a mask.

I’ve kickstarted my transition this past week by initiating the planned mass cleanup of the studio. The minor renovation at my new home is also near completion. I also dined out a couple of times, but it felt strange seeing the separating devices and tables either blocked off or having no more than 4 people at restaurants. My temporary schedule of working from home on MWF will also come to an end this week, that means less guilty pleasures of playing with plastic models and cartooning. Weekly calligraphy class is also confirmed to resume. I feel a bit like a kid readying myself for back-to-school after summer vacation.

Oh Lord, thank you for helping our city and its people in this long battle against COVID-19. Pls continue to save us (and the rest of the world) till the end of the pandemic. 🙏🏻

Sketch… Sunday Service

Art for Earth

Took a week-long creative detour to participate in WWF’s Art for Earth campaign. It was the week of Earth Day 50th Anniversary, the campaign encourages artists to create and share a piece of art daily based on each day’s prompt. I took the opportunity to continue my weekly cartooning Inktober52 story. It’s a lot more tiring to do one (sometimes two) cartoon panels each day, but it was a rewarding exercise to train the creative muscles.

The number of local confirmed COVID19 cases had been staying low in single digits (actually 0 cases for three days) the past week. Seems like we’re finally seeing a glimpse of light at the end of this long pandemic tunnel. I’ve resumed renovating my new place again, plan to have it ready for move-in before June. My weekly calligraphy class is also set to resume in May. This coming week will likely be my last week of working-from-home on alternate days. Life should slowly return to normal in May.

I’m planning to make May the month of cleanup. While preparing the new place for move in, I also plan to do some big cleanups in the studio and my old place. Hope to have things ready for life to restart in June.

Oh Lord, pls continue to help us through this pandemic, be merciful to the uncountable souls lost, comfort those who had lost their loved ones, and heal those who are sick. May you continue to grant good health to the frontline medics and everyone who have been working so that we may stay safely at home. 🙏🏻