Sketch… Sunday Service

Sketching on MTR…

A Blessed Trip

Been back to HK for 5 days, still a little jet-lagging, woke up at around 5am this morning even though I was able to stay awake past midnight before sleep.

Life slowly getting back to normal in HK, but still very much reminiscing of my month-long blessed trip in Canada.  Looking back on the trip, my biggest reward was being able to meet and catch up with many of my friends, friends from primary school, high schools, universities, work, and fellowships.  I even met up with some family friends whom I haven’t seen for probably more than 1o years.  Without any plans and being such a poor organiser as I am, it seems like God was the ultimate weaver reconnecting me with friends from every stage of my life in Canada.

My other side rewards include finishing a half-marathon with record-breaking time and completing 5 satisfying acrylic paintings during the self-directing experimental art residency at my sister’s basement.

Didn’t really get to do much sightseeing or spend much quiet time to do some soul searching during this trip as I originally hoped, but I couldn’t be more thankful for everything that God had planned for me throughout the month-long vacation.  One month is definitely not enough, but I have a hunch that it wouldn’t take another 7 years for me to revisit my “home and native land”!

Art Residency

Besides meeting up friends and running the half-marathon, one of the things I did during the long vacation is paint, something I haven’t done for about 2 years.

Within days of arriving Canada, I quickly setup a mini studio in my sister’s basement among my nieces’ swing and trampoline set. I experimented with acrylic paint, a medium very similar to oil paint, and had surprisingly amazing results!

At times when I’m not meeting up friends or practicing running, I painted while listening to the familiar radio station. In the month-long vacation, I was able to complete 5 paintings, a very fruitful accomplishment for this experimental self-directing art residency program in my sister’s basement. I think I do have potentials to be a (starving) artist. 😬

Sketching on TTC…

Day Trip to UW

Took a short day trip to my Alma Mater to meet and catch up with pastor Tim, I could never seem to find a way to treat him for a meal, neither in HK nor in Canada, thx again!

Took a short walk around the campus after lunch, brought back many fond memories… I remember dreaming to become an aspiring engineer, making inventions that would help and transform the world. But now after graduating for so many years, I just want to open a cafe and make bread to fill people’s stomach. 😅

Week of Meetups

Met up with my old fellowship b/s for dinner last night. Other than meeting some new kids, every b/s seemed more or less the same as 6+ years ago. Though the small fellowship hasn’t really grown over the last few years, and some b/s had switched churches or even stopped going to fellowship, our relationships with each other seemed unchanged and are united by our common faith.

Besides fellowship b/s, I had been meeting and catching up with different friends every day this week. Happy to see that everyone is doing good and well here. Heard of friends who are doing not as well, and I would make sure I remember them in my prayers before I sleep.

There are still many friends I’m trying to meet and catch up with for my last week here, hopefully I’ll be able to fit into their daily schedule to meet them at least once before I leave.

Half Marathon

Completed my half marathon run, 2hr 18min, my personal record! ✌🏻

The half marathon was not the main reason for this trip, I hesitated to register when my friend told me about it after I booked my flight because I stopped my running practice for 3 months due to the hot weather in HK. With insufficient practice, I owe my personal record breaking run to the comfortable weather and flat course here. Glad I made the decision to register now that I’m done!

Saw many smiles while running, there were so much positive energy, I kept thinking how I could store it all up to combat the negativity I’m constantly bombarded with in HK. Is it possible to store up positive energy like a hydroelectric pump system storing up excess solar/wind energy? How did Jesus store enough courage to be led and die on the cross for us?

On my way to the bus terminal after the run, I met a stranger who started a conversation with me. Apparently she just finished her 2nd full marathon! When asked why she’s doing it, she said she didn’t know but she’s always very happy when she’s done. I can totally see that from her friendly smile, and I simply replied, “definitely!”

The somewhat awkward conversation seems to be preparing me for my 1st full marathon run in Jan. next year. While running the half-marathon, I kept thinking that I probably shouldn’t have signed up for the full marathon as running half the distance already seemed impossible. Now, after the conversation, I hope that I’ll still be able to smile and say that I’m very happy to have done it after the full marathon!

Childhood Neighborhood Visit

Got up really early and made a rehearsal drive to the bus station where I’ll be taking the bus downtown to the half-marathon starting point tomorrow morning.

Still very early afterwards, I decided to go visit my childhood neighborhood. Started a long walk in the nature trail at around the time I’ll be starting the run tomorrow, trying to mentally prepare myself for the run. The scenery seemed somewhat familiar. Serendipitously, I bumped into my friend’s aunt along the way, what are the odds?! I dropped down her new number (I can still remember my friend’s old home number) and said I’ll call her up for dim sum before I go back to HK. I honestly never really appreciated the nature trail as a kid, but after living in the concrete jungle for so long, I now realized that this pristine natural environment is priceless!

Also took a stroll around my primary school. The soccer goal post is still slanted and planted on grass-less mud. Funny how a simple problem is still left unfixed after so many years. Also saw some residue paint of the large Canada map we painted on the playground.

The childhood neighborhood visit brought back many fond memories.

Last Running Practice

Had my last running practice this morning before the half-marathon on Sunday. Ran 10K, took just a little over 60min, a personal record!

Have been disciplined enough to regularly practice while vacationing. Practiced about 5 times, but doubt that it’s enough for the coming half-marathon, will try my best and enjoy the run on Sunday!