Sketch… Sunday Service

Random Thoughts from Wedding

Joined my parents, brother, and sister-in-law to a wedding banquet near our home last night.  It was the wedding of the son of late Mr. Kot.  I remember that around this time 2 years ago I was actually on the same ship with Mr. Kot during a cruise trip to Japan…

Sitting at our table and a table next to us were my dad’s friends, some of whom I haven’t seen for many years, one of them was an elderly (near 90 yr old I think) who were on the same cruise trip with us and Mr. Kot. 2 years ago.  This elderly uncle seemed to have forgotten about our happy cruise trip together as he didn’t seem to recognise me and asked my dad if I was his younger son.  Despite seemingly affected by Alzheimer’s disease, he constantly held a joyous smile and still kept his habit of adding soda to his red wine just like he taught me during the cruise trip.

It was a joyous wedding banquet despite the food.  I’m ok with the food actually (except for the shark fin soup which I passed to my parents’ displease), but my parents and their old pals who used to be in the dim sum restaurant business were just too difficult to please.  Regardless, seeing my dad’s old pals and hearing their conversations brought back fond memories of the times when I usually see them every Sunday in high school.  It would be perfect if Mr. Kot was here with us last night.

Besides the banquet, not much have been happening to me this week other than finally completing a 3D print job for a friend that took nearly 2 weeks.  I also picked up a book about Einstein, it’s one of those books that you just can’t put down once you started reading.  The long biography should keep me occupied for another week.

Sketch… Wedding

Sketch… Sunday Service

Weekly Updates…

The past month had been the hottest and driest May ever recorded in HK.  As much as I’m glad that the 14 (or 15) consecutive very hot day warnings have ended, I just wished time could pass by just a little slower…

Recently I seemed to be growing more and more conscious about time and how little and limited of it I have.  I’m now spending (wasting) less time on FB and WhatsApp.  Even at times when I’m physically spending time with my family and fellowship b&s, I tend to keep silent even though thoughts constantly run through my head.  I seemed to have finally understood that my words don’t matter, and repeatedly saying the same things won’t help and would only drag meaningless conversations even longer.  Is this what powerlessness feels like?

It’s probably not depression that I’m feeling because there’re still many things that keep me interested.  I’m now spending more time alone reading and thinking, and my energy level seems to be restoring (traits of an introvert).  Now that I’m expressing a lot less online and offline, I’ll probably start spending more time talking to my journal here.  I can always be honest with “you”, right?

Sketch… Tai Kwun

Sketch… Sunday Service

Recent Updates

It’s been awhile since I sat in front on my laptop and talk to my journal…

Firstly, since this “co-op term” started at the beginning of the month, I stopped my regular morning running practice, not because of work but mainly just due to the unusually hot weather…

I’ve also finished the month-long Cafe Startup class, and now I don’t think I wanna open a cafe any time soon.  I’m not totally giving up on the idea of connecting people and sharing their life stories via coffee, bread, art,… I’m just not sure if I’m ready to dedicate all my time and energy on this one single project (yet).

Actually, there are many ideas that I’ve in mind and I’m just starting to pickup work again (although slowly) to bring the ideas to life…

Oh Lord, may You bless these ideas and grant me the gift and grit to bring them to fruition if they are also good in Your eyes. 

Sketch… Sunday Service

Sketch… Sunday Service