Sketch… Sunday Service

Sketch… Christmas Service

Recovered and Socializing

Had been monitoring my resting heart rate (bpm) closely since I suffered from the bad flu. It has always been considerably constant rating at around 60 bpm since I got my Fitbit about a year ago, so I never paid much attention to it. But since I got sick many weeks ago, I noticed that it rose and peaked at 88 bpm! Now it’s back down to around 67 bpm, so I’m concluding that I’m finally recovered. Plus, I now know a more scientific way of monitoring my health.

Had a few social gatherings this week:

  • Joined my old oil painting friends to visit the Taifun Oil Painting Village in Shenzhen on Monday
  • Had pre-Christmas + Winter Solstice lunch buffet with my calligraphy class, followed by dinner with some old high school friends on Tuesday
  • Afternoon tea with an old colleague on Friday
  • Met up with a friend to learn Cyanotype printing from her on Saturday
  • Had Winter Solstice lunch with family and dinner with church b/s today

It’s good to meet and catch up with friends, some of whom I haven’t seen for probably more than a year. It seems like I’m now slowly moving away from socializing online – rarely sharing things on FB and kept rather silent in WhatsApp groups. It’s just so much more enjoyable and satisfying to meet friends and chat in person offline!

Sketch… Sunday Service

Recovered (~90%)

Joined the UW alumni to play some badminton again yesterday. Only 8 players showed up, and with 2 courts booked, there was barely resting time during the 2 hours. Tired, but I felt much better than last week, a good sign of recovery.

Can’t say that I’m 100% healed from the bad flu however, the recent fluctuating cold and warm weather seems to be troubling my body and I don’t seem to feel at my best most of the time. Nonetheless, after many days of headaches and cough, I’m truly thankful to be healthy and well again!

With a more healthy body, I had a rather productive week:

  • finally rolled out the Etsy store for my studio. Not expecting much sales, but I think it’s a first step in the right direction.
  • finally replaced the battery of my 3+ yr-old phone. It took me 3 separate visits to the Apple store to get this done!
  • managed to spare some time (8-9 hours) to work on a design for the DSD Manhole Design Competition, submitted it at the last minute last night.

Now that I’m more or less recovered and with about 2 weeks left till the end of the year, I plan to finish up my last couple of work projects and then spend the rest of the time cleaning up (both my studio and home) and socialize and catching up with friends!

Sketch… Sunday Service

Recovered (~80%)

My legs were shaking when I was playing badminton yesterday, don’t remember feeling this way ever before. I’m recovering from a bad flu, was hoping that a little exercise would help the healing.

I’m actually feeling much better this past week. Seeing my slow progress in recovering, I bought some over-the-counter flu pills in the middle of week and that worked magic in my body! It really feels good to be healthy and conscious again, thank God for hearing my prayer.

My 90-yr-old calligraphy classmate also recovered from his sickness and rejoined the class on Tuesday after a few weeks of absence. I was super happy seeing him healthy and well! He actually needed to undergo a small surgery on Monday but negotiated with the physicians to move it to Wednesday instead, he told the hospital that he promised to join the calligraphy class and have dim sum with us after 😁.

Regarding work, I’ve completed one of the two pro-bono design projects and the other one is pending for feedbacks. Plan to get back to designing and making things in the studio this week.

Sketch… Sunday Service

Still Sick…

Still feeling sick – poor sleep quality, headaches, coughing, and short of breath. But I think it’s improving – less frequent wake ups in the middle of the night and less severe headaches.

A few people had told me in the past few weeks that I looked much thinner. I don’t have the habit of weighting myself, but I do feel considerably weaker after the past few weeks of self-imposing stress with a project I’m very attached to.

Have been giving myself a break from work this past week. But I did work on a couple of design projects for local churches, I promised to help awhile ago but had put them aside to focus on my work project. Sent out some quick preliminary designs and got back some comments. Will make some modifications this week and hopefully complete the two pro-bono design projects.

I also gave myself a break socially this past week, sickness is a good excuse I gave myself. Met up with a couple of friends nonetheless on Friday night after fellowship, one of them was visiting town from Toronto and will be leaving on Sunday. Sickness didn’t deem a valid excuse in this case.

Hope I’ll be able to recover from my sickness this week, hope I’ll have a healthy body to celebrate Christmas and to spend time to meet and catch up with my friends before 2018 ends!! 🙏🏻

Sketch… Sunday Service