1/2 Work From Home

The week started off with the sudden crazy rampage of Appledaily by hundreds of police, a complete disregard of the freedom of press. I remember asking my sister in HK awhile back if she’ll consider moving back to Canada, she didn’t like the idea, but said it might be inevitable if Appledaily dies. I didn’t understand her reasoning until now.

One of my friends again brought up the idea of moving back to Canada in a group chat, it makes sense since he has two young kids who will definitely be better off growing up in Canada than in HK. After the Appledaily raid, I’m also more determined to secure a backup plan for work in Canada, not only for myself, but for my family’s sake. If our family is forced to move back to Canada, I’ll probably be the best person to help ease the transition.

Worked from home on alternate days this pass week. Indulged in ink art while at home, good thing I borrowed a bunch of books on ink art when the libraries reopened shortly in June before the 3rd wave of the pandemic forced them to close again shortly. The plan to cleanup/renovate the studio is progressing rather slowly, two steps forward and one step back, will probably need at least a couple more weeks to have it done the way I had hoped.

The COVID-19 confirmed cases was kept rather steady at around 40-50 ppl daily, still considered severe and worrisome given the city’s crowdedness and reliant on public transit. Looks like we’ll have to coexist with the virus for quite some time, and I’ll likely have to stick with this 1/2 work from home routine for awhile and adhere strictly to social distancing so as not to add extra burden to our city’s medical professionals.

Oh Lord, please continue to see us through this pandemic, protect us and keep us healthy physically, mentally, and spiritually. 🙏🏻

Sketch… Sunday Service

Work from Home (part 2)

Worked from home for another week (mostly). Almost finished and ready to submit the deTour proposal. Really hope that this collaboration work will be accepted and can see the light of day.

With the deTour proposal out of the way and the pandemic slightly easing off (down to double digit confirmed cases for last 7 days), I started shifting my focus back to studio work. Went back to work on Fri. and Sat., successfully upgraded one of the 3D printers and started picking up the studio’s cleanup/renovation once again. Will start transitioning back to work this coming week.

It’s actually a bit exhausting staying home and not socializing for 2 weeks. It didn’t seem as bad the first time. We were all experiencing the pandemic for the fist time in our lives back then, group chats were alive sharing news and helping each other out. And after months of social distancing, we had like a month in June and July to meet up friends and catch up with all the pandemic happenings. Never have I seemed so grateful and cherish the time with friends. But now the 3rd wave hit, we all know what to do from experience, social distancing was automatic, messaging apps seemed relatively silent this time around. You know there’s nothing you can do to help besides staying home and letting the medical professionals battle the virus. Felt like time and life is just ebbing away. It’s actually exhausting to do nothing.

Hopefully the pandemic numbers will continue to decline and that we’ll be able to see our friends again soon. God, please be merciful to us and continue to help us through this pandemic. 🙏🏻

Sketch… Sunday Service

Work From Home

Worked from home the entire week, only went back to the studio on Sat. to do some prototyping. Caught up with my Inktober52 cartoons, annual daily devotions is now less than 1 week behind instead of 3, and made considerable progress on the deTour collaboration project. Could honestly say that I did the best I could in July given the ubiquitous negativity that’s ruling our city.

This past week was particularly miserable with our stupid HK government tightening social-distancing rules to ban gatherings of more than 2 persons and ceasing all dine-ins at restaurants. They shortly reverted the rule after overwhelming complaints of workers being forced to eat outside in the heat and rain during lunch hours. The government also disqualified 12 pro-democracy LegCo election candidates, and then shortly announced to postpone the election for a year. None of these actions were carried out with any kind of discussion or consensus from Hongkongers. What happened to our right to vote? Should also mention that 4 teens aged 16-21 were arrested by the National Security squad for claiming “HK Independence” on social networks, what happened to our freedom of speech? Is the nation so fragile that 4 teens claiming independence can kill it?

Our city is going downhill fast since the new National Security law was imposed on July 1st, too fast for us to respond amid the 3rd wave of the pandemic with 12 consecutive days of triple digits confirmed cases. Is there anything we can do to help HK besides passively staying home and letting the medical professionals battle the virus for us? But frankly, I’m struggling just to stay hopeful in these challenging times.

Oh Lord, please help us, help us not to lose hope and see Your light during these darkened times. 🙏🏻

Sketch… Sunday Service

Work From Home (again)

Was still on the fence early in the week as to whether to move back with my parents amid the increasing severity of the pandemic in my new home’s neighborhood. Decision was made for me on Wednesday as a confirmed COVID-19 case was reported in my building and my family unequivocally wanted me to move out. I reluctantly packed and moved out of the new home I stayed for just about a month.

Worried that I might increase the risk of my colleague being infected, I went back to the studio after she left on Wednesday to finish off some work and packed up some stuff to work from home.

On Thursday, I spent much of my time dusting off my old home office. While I was at it, I decided to finally give my old computer a thorough cleanup by resetting it to factory default and installing the latest OS on it. It took more than a day, but it feels good make it functional and productive again without having spent a penny. With 5 consecutive days of over 100 COVID-19 cases reported, it looks like I’ll be mostly working from home for at least a couple of weeks.

Please stay safe and healthy everyone!! 🙏🏻

Sketch… Sunday Service

3rd Wave Hitting Hard

Our city is finally feeling the blow of the COVID-19 pandemic with this 3rd wave spreading like wildfire in the community. The daily number of people infected constantly rises to a record high of slightly over a hundred today.

Our stupid government decided to restrict restaurants to serve takeouts only from 6pm-5am as though the virus only roams free during those evening hours. Masks also became mandatory on public transit. I have stopped eating out altogether before the restrictions was effective. Besides eating takeouts, I also stocked up on frozen siu mai at the studio. We ordered the tasty food online and it was delivered in just a couple of days, a very good recommendation by my colleague.

As the pandemic is ravaging our city, my family suggested me moving back to my parent’s place temporarily because my new home is close to one of the virus’ epicenters. I don’t really think it makes a big difference as HK is a small and crowded place and there’s really no neighborhood that can be guaranteed safe from the virus. But it’s worth considering as it will more or less lower my risk of infection, and I need to stay strong and healthy to take care of my family, especially my parents!

Oh Lord, please be merciful to our city and its people. Heal those who are sick and comfort those who have lost their loved ones. Help us stay healthy amid the pandemic. Allow me to stay strong and healthy, both physically and spiritually, so that I may help my family and others through this pandemic. 🙏🏻

Sketch… Sunday Service