Sketch… Sunday Service

June 16th Protest

We’ve made history!! Following a one million people protest a week before, Hongkongers reunited for another peaceful protest, this time wearing black and with even more ppl! With a nearly 2-million-ppl strong peaceful protest, Hongkongers broke all records regarding protest locally (and perhaps also globally)!! Gotta be proud to be a part of this historic event.

But will our stubborn and arrogant Gov. hear their ppl this time around? So far, none of the rally’s petitions were answered.

As much as I’m proud of Hongkongers, there was a somewhat worrying scene I witnessed during the rally. At one point when we passed some parked police vehicles, many of the protesters swore and even intimidated the police officers to open fire. The police looked annoyed and angry but yet kept silent the whole time. This was in stark contrast to the week before when police and protesters were still very polite and friendly with each other. Looks like the incident at the Gov. headquarters on my bday had torn apart the relationship of Hong Kong Police Force and the ppl they serve.

Dear HK Gov., can you hear 2 million of your ppl’s unequivocal petitions? Only you can help heal the wounds that have been torn apart now.

Need to keep praying for our city… 🙏🏼

Sketch… Sunday Service

We The North!!

Toronto Raptors won the NBA Championship for the first time since the team was established in 1995!! It was a really tight game and both teams switched leads numerous times, but never in double digits. I was literally at the edge of my seat during the last few seconds!

The exciting game and the victory gave me a good breather in midst of the overwhelming and suffocating gloomy news in HK. I had been catching up on news and sleeping late (around 2am) for the past few nights, but was exhausted and fell asleep at around 10pm last night.

I’m feeling somewhat Schizophrenic – feeling the joy of the Torontonians over Raptor’s championship, but at the same time, feeling the helplessness of the millions of Hongkongers who are facing a stubborn and heartless Government who is unwilling to put aside the controversial China Extradition bill.

Need to keep praying for Hong Kong… 🙏🏼

A Day to Remember

On my 40th birthday, I slept in and didn’t wake up until near 0900. I planned to take the day off way before there was an open call to strike after the million people protest against the proposed China Extradition bill.

I took my time to catch up on the daily news over breakfast. News kept pouring in on my social feed regarding the protest happening at the Gov. headquarters to stop the proposed bill. Roads were occupied like the time of the Umbrella Movement in 2014. I saved and memorized some emergency info before leaving home at around 1pm. I planned to have a light lunch and take a stroll in TST before taking a ferry to Central and experience first hand the protest at the Gov. headquarters. The peaceful protest turned violent at around 4pm, so I scraped my plan to experience the protest. I took a ferry from TST to Central and went straight to the subway to head back to the studio. It was about 5pm.

Throughout the day, I stayed up-to-date on the news through the radio and news subscription. I was also constantly messaged by my family and friends asking about my safety. I am thankful for the many family and friends who are worried about me. At the same time, I don’t really understand how I gave them the impression that I would have the courage to go to the frontline and support a protest I cannot help.

Tear gas and rubber bullets were fired at protesters, blood was shed. Why?? Why does our Gov. neglect the unequivocal voice of millions of people to stop the controversial bill??

I finished the remaining of my bday cake from my calligraphy class yesterday, and finished typing out this post before leaving the studio.

Tomorrow will be another day, and I had no idea what to expect. I can only pray for God’s mercy and grace on our city. 🙏🏼

Sketch… Sunday Service

8964 Candlelight Vigil

Tagged along my highschool friends to the June 4th’s Tiananmen Massacre candlelight vigil at Victoria Park this year. This is officially my first time because the last time I joined was a few years back and the vigil ended early due to pouring rain. That time I got lost in the rain and crowd and couldn’t find my friends due to jammed mobile networks. I left that vigil experience feeling confused.

This year was different, I was more prepared. I watched a remastered video footage of the Tiananmen Massacre through the eyes of a Canadian reporter, his narrative was particularly touching. I also clicked through many photos and listened to public discussions of the massacre.

I left work early to join my friends for the candlelight vigil. The MTR was super crowded, I lost my tiny iPod shuffle while getting off the packed train at CWB station at around 1830. Met up with my friends before going into Vic Park. We were early and found a place to sit in front of a big screen in one of the middle soccer fields. I sat through the entire candlelight vigil silently listening to the testimonials and songs. The testimonials were touching, but surprisingly I didn’t cry like my friends. Tears did run down my cheek at one time towards the end as I imagined what God would think at the night of the massacre.

I still don’t understand how a Government can so mercilessly make their armed forces shoot and kill their own armless citizens. And I still don’t understand how one can keep lying for 30 years and just counting on the offended to forget the shredded blood over time.

May God pour His mercy on our city, our country, and our world.

Exhibition Celebration

Had the Ink Obsession exhibition (opening) celebration on Saturday evening. I started feeling the butterflies in the stomach in the morning. Rushed through the morning preparing for a guestbook and some souvenirs. Went to buy some softdrinks and snacks and dropped them off at the venue before rushing to my 3D animation class in the afternoon. Left class slightly early and made it just in time for the celebration before 6pm.

My parents and an uncle were already waiting for me at the building entrance, I escorted them up to the exhibition venue. Thanks to the organizer, everything was ready to welcome guests by the time I arrived. The first person I met was a 98 year-old granny, she and her granddaughter helped translate the exhibition info from English to Chinese. My sister, calligraphy teacher and classmate, and some of my close friends also dropped by one by one as the celebration proceeded.

After most of my family and friends left, me and a few friends stayed behind and chatted a bit with the organizer and their guests. The cozy chat circle included ppl from Belgium, UK, Japan, Spain, Canada, and HK.

Reflecting on the event I realized that the mini art exhibition has brought together ppl from a wide age range, ethnicity, and occupations (artists, designers, architects, carpenters, lawyer, psychologist, …)! Using Art as a way to connect ppl from all walks of life is actually one of the core values of the organizer (Bizzie Bee), and I’m truly grateful that they gave me this precious learning experience!

Sketch… Sunday Service

Dentist Appointment

Had been having a slight toothache for months, finally decided to see my dentist today. The nurse asked why I didn’t come see the dentist regularly for the past 3 years, I just honestly replied saying I’m afraid to see dentists. I mean who isn’t?

I thought I just had a cavity that needed filling, but it turned out that one of my molars was cracked so serious that I had no other options but to have it taken out. I was totally not ready for that, fear and a mix of other emotions rushed up my head. But there were no other options, I trusted the dentist’s evaluation and made a courageous decision to have the molar removed. It was more fear than pain, and my morning devotion of Joshua’s courage when facing the wall of Jericho kinda helped.

The pain is over, but I’m actually still kinda angry at my parents because the crack on my molar is most likely caused by the many times of biting on small bones found in my parents’ home cooked meals, even the watery congee has many small bones in them! I complained numerous times, and in return they would just say that food with bones are tastier and how I should be careful in eating. Come on, who in the world buries tiny bones in almost every spoon of watery congee?! And how tasty can bones be when your teeth aches?! 😤

Vented my anger about my parents. But I must also say about how much I admire my dad for his courage. He never showed fear when seeing doctors or dentists for operations, at least not in front of his children. I still have lots to learn from him!