Isolation Continues

The COVID-19 has become a global pandemic, whether WHO has the guts to announce it or not! There is seriously no denying of it as it has caused serious local community outbreaks in South Korea, Japan, Iran, Italy, etc.

Life under isolation feels a bit suffocating. Admittedly, I’m not too social to begin with, but before the epidemic I would at least see my calligraphy class and church b&s weekly. It’s been around a month since I’ve last met them now. Maybe I’m not as antisocial as I thought I am.

Went back to the studio 3 times this past week. Living under isolation seems to have given me some unexpected quality time to dream up new ideas for work. With a good friend’s assurance to help, I’ve filled up an application for an upcoming tenant opportunity. If that works out, I’ll probably dedicate a significant amount of time and effort on that endeavor. In addition, I seem to be constantly picking up new ideas for digital fabrication, something I’ve been researching and experimenting since starting the studio in 2014. I’ve started experimenting with the studio tools once again and had gotten some preliminary positive results. I’ve also ordered some new tools to compliment the studio’s digital fabrication lineup.

The economy is still falling as the epidemic doesn’t seem to be dying anytime soon. I figured the best use of my isolated idling time during these slow days is to do more R&D and be prepared and ready when the economy picks up again, whenever that may be.

Oh God, please continue to help us through this global pandemic, let us be patient and not lose our faith and hope in You. 🙏🏻

Sketch… Sunday Service

Isolation Under COVID-19

Second week attending Sunday Service remotely from home. Under the COVID-19 epidemic, fellowship, calligraphy class and all social activities has come to a complete halt, feeling rather isolated even though I was never quite a social animal.

Only left home for work twice this week. My colleague gave me red pockets and that made me realize that the last time I seen her was already before CNY holiday about a month ago!

Have been working from home mostly. Finished going through the boring Chinese dictionary of 4-letter words and done streaming through all 12 seasons of The Big Bang Theory, will move on to more interesting projects this week.

Oh God, please continue to help us through this gloomy epidemic, heal those who are sick and let us not lose our faith or hope in You. 🙏🏻

Sketch… Sunday Service

Life Under 2019-nCoV

Worked home for another week to save on masks. Besides eating and sleeping, much of my time was spent going through a Chinese dictionary of 4-letter phrases and practicing Chinese calligraphy by copying the relevant words for a long unfinished project. The dictionary was a gift from my dad when I moved back to Canada after grade 11, he probably hoped I would learn some Chinese on my own, but I never really opened it until now.

While tediously going through the boring ancient dictionary, I had my laptop stream the sitcom The Big Bang Theory on the background. The popular TV series was recommended by a research colleague before I moved back to HK more than 10 years ago, but I never really had the time to stream through it until now.

I’m about 2/3 done going through the dictionary and the sitcom, should be done mid-week, will happily move on to other more important projects after.

Living isolated at home under 2019-nCoV reminds me of the biblical Noah’s Ark, especially at times like these when the whole world seems to be under God’s fierce judgement (i.e. War, Amazon fire, Australia fire, 2019-nCoV epidemic, global warming…). I seem to be having new ideas for my next project(s).

Only left home twice the past week, one for a post-CNY gathering with my calligraphy class on Tue., and two for running some errands at the studio yesterday. Leaving home feels a bit like an adventure these days.

Oh God, please continue to help us through this epidemic. Heal those who are sick and let us all stay healthy so that we won’t add extra burden to the already stressed medical system. 🙏🏻

Sketch… Sunday Service

2019-nCov Took Root

The novel coronavirus is no longer a threat, it has taken root in our city thanks to our CE’s stubbornness in not closing the Mainland borders. A tenth of our city’s medical staff went on strike but that didn’t perturb our arrogant CE’s decision.

Facing the incoming virus from Mainland, our first line of protection is surgical masks, but our stupid government had no way of securing its people with a steady supply (and yet continuously allowing the virus to flow freely across the border). A company near my studio found a way to secure thousands of masks for sale, the news got out and a lineup started the night before and grew long enough to wrap around the industrial district! I only saw photos of the craziness as I had been working from home to save on masks. I did go back to the studio yesterday and heard a few people on my floor talked about the crazy lineup day, and we all connected in blaming our hopeless government for it.

Did some strategic planning while working from home. Saw an unexpected art opportunity opening that I couldn’t stop thinking about. Talked to my family about it and they seemed supportive even though we all know it’s nearly impossible to make a living with art. Need to think more seriously about this next week before drafting a proposal to be submitted end of month.

Oh Lord, please be merciful to our city and help us through this nCov epidemic. In these less hectic days, help me plan and guide my steps in preparations for a foreseeable economic downturn. 🙏🏻

Sketch… Sunday Service

2019-nCoV Threat

With the imminent threat of the Wuhan coronavirus and an unreliable government in controlling its infiltration to our city, I have extended the CNY holiday for another week. However, I did go back to the studio on Sat. to do some cleaning and to pack some stuff to work from home this coming week.

Decided to work from home mainly to safe on masks as there’s a major shortage of mask supplies in the city. Thousands of people lineup outside of drugstores everyday to buy masks, and many leaving empty handed frustratingly. There were even robberies of masks reported! I see the angry and helpless faces of people on the news and I can’t help asking how a bloody government can be so apathetic and merciless to its people?!

Facing this incoming epidemic, there’s really nothing I can do besides staying home to safe on masks and trying to stay healthy so as not to be a burden to an already stressed healthcare system. Have been taking the extra time to catchup on the Inktober52 challenge. Seems like I have an innate affinity to make art at times of stress and sadness. Plan to do more of that this week while strategizing on some major projects for 2020.

Oh God, please be merciful to our city and help us through this imminent epidemic threat. 🙏🏻

Sketch… Sunday Service