Sketch… Sunday Service

CNY’s Day

Was rather tired last night, deliberately turned off my phone and slept before midnight.  Slept pretty well.  Woke up at around 9am and did my daily devotion, then made coffee and had breakfast while turning on my phone and replying to the expected floods of CNY greeting messages.

Had dim sum lunch with my family at the same restaurant as last year.  In fact, as I just checked, our family has been having dim sum on CNY’s Day at the same restaurant for the past 8 years!  But this year my sister-in-law didn’t join for she’s still saddened by her brother’s recent passing away, my elder nephew and niece were also absent as they’re studying abroad.  Regardless, this family tradition of ours has somewhat lifted up my CNY’s spirit.

Thank you Lord for keeping my family healthy and well for the past years, may You continue to be merciful and bless us for the years ahead.

Making Up Words…

CNY Eve 2018

Had been spending most of the week cleaning up the studio.  Finished cleaning up the main work area and the art area, but haven’t really touched the DIY area, that have to wait till I get back to the studio after the CNY holiday.

My dad called me today telling me that my sister-in-law’s brother passed away last night.  I think I’ve only met him once many years ago, also during CNY, when his family came to greet my parents after visiting my brother’s family downstairs.  May God be merciful to his soul and comfort his family on earth, especially his two teenage sons. 🙏🏼

The tragedy definitely brought down our family’s CNY celebratory spirit, I can feel it over dinner with my parents at home tonight.  Should note that the CNY spirit this year wasn’t even very high to start with after the catastrophic bus accident in our city last weekend.

May God be merciful and bless our city and its people in the Year of the Dog. 🙏🏼


Art for Food?

Valentine’s Day.  Was thinking about asking the girl I like out, but she said early this week she didn’t have the luxury to go to the annual CNY market this year, I’m just assuming she’s busy today as well?  Or is she dating someone else?  Actually, does she have a bf?  How can I be certain without asking directly?  Love is so complicated!

During my weekly calligraphy class yesterday, I gave out my fai chun and my classmates brought me coffee from Vietnam and homemade cookies.  My 89-year-old classmate even treated us for a lunch buffet!  I know the events were not directly related and that I didn’t receive free coffee, cookies, and lunch because of my artistic fai chun.  But the idea stuck and I started pondering the possibility of exchanging art for food.  How about opening a cafe where a (starving) artist can exchange art for bread and coffee?

Finished cleaning up the art area in the studio this afternoon, I really hope to spend more time there behind the drawing board making quality art this year.  But I still can’t really figure out how I can sustain myself financially doing art, is there a way I can consistently exchange my art for food so that I don’t starve to death?

Oh Lord, may You continue to guide my steps and help me understand Your plan in my relationships and career.

Sketch… Sunday Service

Creative Monday

Originally planned to do some volunteering in the afternoon, but the fai chun making session with the elderly was cancelled due to cold weather.

With the freed up time slot, I took a stroll through the Old Master Q exhibition at the mall near my studio.  Saw some of the hand drawn comics by the late artist Alfonso Wong done in the 60s-70s, still very much admire his craftsmanship and dedication.  Went back to the studio afterwards, read a little Old Master Q comics, dug out and skimmed through some of my old cartooning works, one of my dreams of starting a comic strip got stirred up again.

While doing some calligraphy practice in the evening, I did a little cartooning with brush and ink and copied Snoopy from a book cover nearby.  I still very much remember one of most famous quotes in the comic world by Mr. Charles Schulz – A cartoonist “…is someone who has to draw the same thing every day without repeating himself.

Do I have the imagination, craftsmanship, dedication, and grit to be a cartoonist?


Sketch… Sunday Service

臨豐子愷作品 (一三)

Coffee Workshop

Before going to buy some red fai chun paper in preparation for the upcoming volunteering work on Monday, I decided to go pick up my long due (beginner) barista certificate nearby.  It just happened that there was a coffee workshop going on, I aimlessly went in the seminar room while the speaker was wrapping up the 2 hour workshop.  The speaker introduced the last of the many upcoming coffee courses available, a 16-hour course about the nuts and bolts of opening a coffee shop.  He said that many people who wanted to open their own coffee shops ended up abandoning their plans after taking the course.  That got me more interested.

There was a ~20% discount to register for the course today, and today only.  I registered after the workshop with very little hesitation.  Everything just happened so serendipitously right that I felt as though God is pathing the way for me on this little cafe dream I have been dreaming of for many months!

Oh Lord, may You continue to lead and guide me and help me understand Your plans for me in my career.