Back to (Passive) Social…

The past week had been an unusually social one since the third wave of the pandemic hit us in early July – had dinner with a few fellowship brothers on Tue, a friend’s brief studio visit and mom’s and sister’s bday dinner on Thu, and met a friend’s friend on Sat to introduce her to my teacher’s Sat. calligraphy class. The social meetups were all initiated by others, I’m still not actively socializing yet.

I’m still somewhat in social-distancing mode, still hiding myself to finish up with the studio’s cleanup. Spent much of the time to care for the many plants (mostly succulents) in the studio. This is probably the first time I pruned the studio’s greenery in 2020, they seem to be doing pretty well under my low maintenance (weekly watering) and survival-of-the-fittest strategy. It’s kinda therapeutic to get my hands dirty with gardening once in a while.

Was notified on Friday that our proposal for the upcoming deTour exhibition didn’t get accepted. Kinda feel discouraged as I had high hopes for the proposed project. But at least we’ve tried, shouldn’t hold any “what-if” regrets.

Not much is happening in the political scene other than a Supreme Court judge resigning due to the imposed National Security Law, just another sign of an already deteriorating judiciary system. But I still pray that the 12 HK youths detained in China can be safely brought back for an open trial in the deteriorating system, it is still better than the closed and corrupted counterpart in China.

Oh Lord, please protect and save the 12 HK youths detained in China, bring them back safely for an open and fair trial. 🙏🏻

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