Canada Day 2020

On July 1st, I prefer to celebrate Canada Day over the Handover Day of Hong Kong back to China, which is not something worth celebrating in many Hongkongers’ point-of-view.

I was born in HK and have spent much of my life here. I have also lived in Canada for about 15 years. I’ve moved back to HK for nearly 11 years now, but my value system and the way I act still often seems more like a Canadian than a Hongkonger.

Over the past year of anti-extradition protests and covid-19 pandemic, I witnessed the creativity and perseverance of Hongkongers and grew fond of my birth city.

The National Security Law from Beijing was passed hastily last night without Hongkongers’ discussion, understanding, and approval. Many people were immediately arrested for violating the unclear piece of Law today.

A dark gloom has veiled over our city since the National Security Law was passed yesterday. Another friend announced today that his family of four will move back to Canada end of July. Some of my Canadian friends voiced out their disgust of the new Law. I agree with them, the majority of Hongkongers would likely agree with them too. Rather than joining the rant, I find myself constantly asking the question – “what can I do to help?” Seriously, what can we do to help?

Oh Lord, people in our city are being oppressed and are struggling for their rights of freedom and justice. Can You help us? 🙏🏻

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