Met and caught up with my UW friends last night, this is officially my first social meetup since the pandemic broke out in Jan.! Haven’t really been socializing for so long, I felt especially happy seeing and chatting with everyone. Thanks to COVID-19, I now realize how important it is to have friends to share with regardless of how introverted I am. It’s good to have my social life slowly transitioning back to normal.

My church fellowship and Sunday service are also transitioning back offline, but I decided to delay my transition until July. I actually didn’t feel like I miss my fellowship that much. Fellowship life over the past couple of years seemed a bit stale, repetitive, and lack of growth. Relationships with b&s is ok, but still feel a little superficial after so many years. Would it be ok if I stop going to fellowship altogether? I can probably put the Friday evening time to better use than superficial gatherings, right?

Also transitioning to move into a new place on my own. Finally bought a bed and washer and had them delivered last week. Will dedicate most of my time and effort this coming week to have it ready for move in by Friday!

The future of HK still looks grim politically and economically, but thanks to my parents and the gracious love of God, I don’t really feel all too worried. Looking back, I have always been graciously given more than I need. Recently, I’ve been realizing more and more that I’m in a good position to serve and help than needing help from others. Oh God, please continue to help me see how You want me to serve the people in this city with all the gracious gifts and resources You have lavishly given me. Please continue to guide me to become a good steward on Earth for as long as you allowed me here. 🙏🏻

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