Contingency Plan

The political and economic situation in the city continue to spiral down since the National Security Law for HK was proposed last week and unilaterally passed this week.

I started asking my friends to hear their thoughts. A couple plans to hasten their plan to emigrate to Taiwan, another friend asked about renewing their colonial BNO passport, and another friend has always planned to move back to Canada with his family but worried about finding a job there. My family also had a couple of serious conversations over this, but no concrete plans were made, our situation is less worrisome as we can always move back to Canada as a last resort.

Had a little breakthrough with my studio work. I successfully designed and made my first furniture using digital fabrication techniques and hacking an IKEA chair. Quite satisfied with my first attempt, but there is obviously plenty of room for improvement, will continue to experiment with digitally fabricating furniture designs in coming weeks. The more I do R&D in digital fabrication, the more I realize its great potential. I imagine the day when I can move to any place around the world, and rather than buying new furniture, I can simply print all the furniture I need! This may very well be my contingency plan in a world of growing uncertainties.

Oh God, thank you for keeping me and my family safe and healthy amid the harsh political and economic situations locally and globally. Please continue to guide us through this difficult time, help us to stay hopeful despite the circumstances. 🙏🏻

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