Starting Things New

Life seems to be getting a bit stagnant and not going anywhere, I felt the urge to make changes last week:

  • Got a haircut, it has been months since my last cut
  • Picked up regular running practice again, hope it’s not too late to train for the marathon in early Feb.
  • Started renovating my new place, hope to move in before CNY
  • Started cleaning up the studio

Ended up the week with a couple of social meetups with old Canadian friends over the weekend. It’s truly a pleasure to meet and catch up with friends during these months of social unrest. I’ll probably try to meet and catch up with more friends in the last weeks of 2019 now that I’m unofficially starting my vacation to focus on renovating the new home…

Oh God, please continue to lead and guide me in the remaining days of 2019. Please bless me to see a good end of 2019 and prepare myself for a new year 2020 that seems to be ramping up to be a significant year of change. 🙏🏼

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