Worrying about HK

On Monday Aug. 5th, I went back to the studio super early to avoid an expected traffic chaos due to a citywide strike. I personally supported the strike and only went back to the studio to work on some personal projects. Was feeling hopeful knowing our city’s CE finally decided to hold a press conference after hiding from the public for 2 weeks. My hope turned into worries afterwards as it looks like our government planned to continuously suppress the protesters by force (HK Police Force) rather than resolving the issues politically by addressing the 5 petitions. The HKPC deployed over 800 tear gas canisters at different corners of the city later on that day!

I’m even more worried now after listening to different political opinions and thinking over the current situation independently in the last couple of days. Without the Government and HKPC softening their tactics, the violence between protesters and HKPC will only escalate in a vicious cycle.

There’s really nothing I can help with the current worrying political situation other than offering my daily prayers. In this highly tensed political environment, I find myself withdrawing more to quiet solitudes, engaging in art and creative endeavors as a form of emotional outlet. One personal creative project is the launching of a website to collect 1000 unique Chinese characters for our city’s CE, Carrie Lam – www.1000letters2carrielam.com . Honestly, I don’t know what to make of the project, but I believe creativity has a role to play in this lingering protest, just not too sure how (yet).

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