(Tri) Weekly Update

Don’t know where I’ve spent all my time in the past few weeks, let me think…

My first mini art exhibition started more than a week ago. Using the exhibition as an opening conversation, I managed to contact many friends I haven’t messaged for months, and I got back many congratulations in return. Frankly, it felt kinda strange to be congratulated and be wished success, maybe becoz I never really dreamt of exhibiting my artwork before. Regardless, I’m truly grateful for this rare opportunity to share my ink journey in the past 3 years. Moreover, the experience did teach me how art can help connect people, I even met someone who used to live on the same street as me in Toronto, small world!!

Speaking of TO, the Raptors won the Eastern Finals for the first time since the team was established in 1995!! The special occasion sparked many conversations among my TO friends, and it’s times like this that made me realize how much I missed Canada.

Writing this post seems to make me realize why I like art and sports, they are universal languages that connect people together without the need of words!

Journaling can be such a revelation experience sometimes, I really should pick up this habit again…

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