Weekly Update…

Skipped a week of updates because I was too tired last Sunday after joining the city’s rally against the extradition to mainland rule.

The rally had the largest number of protesters since the Umbrella Movement, there was a sense of hope I felt afterwards. But will our stubborn Government listen to their people?

There are a few things happening with me these days that are outside of my regular work/church/family routines:

  • Working on setting up a mini exhibition of my ink works. They’re not finished works but rather practice works along my ink-obsessed journey which began about 3 years ago when I started learning Chinese calligraphy.
  • In addition to being persuaded to use a dating app a few weeks back, my friends formed a whatsapp group to discuss the app and dating in general. I find the whole thing really funny and I kept telling them how using the app to find matching partners is so much like our UW days of using the co-op system to find matching jobs. LOL.
  • Started taking an introductory 3D animation course on Saturday afternoons. Finished 3 classes, 7 more to go.

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