Let Your Life Speak

Finished reading the little book Let Your Life Speak. Don’t remember where I came across that book and noted it down on my reading list. I probably was just captivated by the title.

Can’t say that I liked the book, but there’s something intriguing in it that got me thinking. The author says that even though we’re created in the image of God, each of us is born with our unique bound limits as well as gifted potentials. We must live an authentic life by listening to our inner voice and following it to do what we were naturally made to do at our conception. That is all good and well until he mentioned that if we don’t live our lives authentically, we will harm not just our own lives but also the lives of people around us. And then the author goes on to describe vividly his dark journey into and out of depression.

I didn’t really understand that lesson until I played badminton yesterday. My old worn out shoes were super slippery at the court, but I figured I’ll survive through the non competitive pick-up games. I was playing with some good players in one of the games, and I got kinda frustrated as I missed running to the many shots I would have no problem returning if not the slippery shoes. I was frustrated not only because I wasn’t playing to my full potential, but also for being a liability to my partner who seemed very eager to win.

It’s a good lesson that I should remember, that it is important to live my life authentically and living it to its full potential of its conceived purpose, so as not to harm myself as well as others around me.

May God continue to guide me in understanding my conceived purpose and to live life to the fullness. May I be a blessing and not a curse to everyone around me. 🙏🏻

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