Picking Up The Slack

Sunday – Back to my home church’s Sunday Service after my ~1.5 month vacation.

Monday – Still jet-lagging and woke up early, went for a morning run after my usual morning routine.  It was my first run since May, could only complete ~2.5k and could barely catch my breath afterwards, totally out of shape.

Tuesday – Back to school and continuing my ~2.5 years and counting “Tuesdays with Morrie”-like Chinese calligraphy class.  One of our classmates invited us to her home afterwards to celebrate my eldest classmate’s (belated) 90th bday.  My classmate’s husband cooked and served many delicious dishes, another classmate brought loads of fruits (which I had to carry since I’m the youngest), my teacher brought 2 cakes made by his son who is a chef, and I brought the ginseng tea and ice wine from my trip.  It was a very joyful meal to say the least!

Friday – Back to fellowship.

Saturday – Played some pickup badminton.  Haven’t played for months and my shoes and racquet grip are disintegrating.

Slowly I’m acclimatising back to the familiar HK lifestyle just as I remembered before my (unplanned) long vacation…

I also tried asking the girl-I-like out to hopefully pick up where we left off before my trip, but she seemed busy with deadlines to meet, and so my wait continues.

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