Old Neighborhood Visit

We have arrived in Toronto for 4 days and had dim sum for lunch every day and of which 3 consecutive days were at the same restaurant! After the dim sum lunch with some family friends today, we went to visit our old neighborhood upon my mom’s request.

We parked our car at the corner plaza, then walked to our old house nearby. Rain started to pour, my parents and I took cover under a big tree near our old house while my sister was at the plaza. When the rain stopped, we took a stroll at the park across our old house, passed my primary school, and then briefly into the nature trail that’s connected to the park. My sister helped my parents take photos along the way.

My parents seemed to enjoy the reminiscing tour, but me not as much since I was here visiting just last October. Regardless, my sister reminded us that it was exactly this day 31 years ago when our family first set foot in Canada, it’s definitely a day to be remembered!

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