CNY’s Day

Was rather tired last night, deliberately turned off my phone and slept before midnight.  Slept pretty well.  Woke up at around 9am and did my daily devotion, then made coffee and had breakfast while turning on my phone and replying to the expected floods of CNY greeting messages.

Had dim sum lunch with my family at the same restaurant as last year.  In fact, as I just checked, our family has been having dim sum on CNY’s Day at the same restaurant for the past 8 years!  But this year my sister-in-law didn’t join for she’s still saddened by her brother’s recent passing away, my elder nephew and niece were also absent as they’re studying abroad.  Regardless, this family tradition of ours has somewhat lifted up my CNY’s spirit.

Thank you Lord for keeping my family healthy and well for the past years, may You continue to be merciful and bless us for the years ahead.

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