Art Therapy

Went to the funeral of Mr. Kot on Sunday evening with my dad and sister.  His daughter gave a speech on Mr. Kot’s life on behalf of the family, I was moved and couldn’t control my tears.  My empathy towards others seemed to have grown last year since my uncle passed away, I am now more easily being touched by other people’s stories and sob uncontrollably.  I still don’t really understand sickness and death, but I prayed that I would never become senseless towards death as more of the people around me will inevitably pass away.

I didn’t sleep too well after the funeral with Mr. Kot appearing briefly in my dreams.  Was feeling tired and low on energy yesterday.  Forced myself to stay awake to do my calligraphy homework and some brush-and-ink cartooning in the afternoon.  Was actually quite tired when I met up with the girl I like for an art jamming session in the evening.  The tiredness faded unnoticeably as I focused on copying the photo onto the canvas.  Art can be so therapeutic!  I recall the many Monday nights I indulge myself with oil painting after work a few years back.

One of these days, I shall set up a little painting corner in the studio to paint occasionally just for the sake of its therapeutic nature.


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