R.I.P. Liu Xiaobo

IMG_4477The recent media is flooded with news of 2o10 Nobel Peace Prize recipient Liu Xiaobo.  I have been following the media and caught glimpses of the deceased Liu Xiaobo’s photos, couldn’t help but remember my uncle who also died of liver cancer just a few months ago.  My uncle is also around the same age as Mr. Liu Xiaobo (give or take 1-2 years).

I must admit that I’m not too much into politics and don’t know too much about Mr. Liu Xiaobo, so I read up on some links I saved about him, his pass interview before imprisoned in 2008/09 and his view on Christianity.

Saddened to know of Mr. Liu Xiaobo’s inevitable death.  I don’t know if he welcomed Christ as his saviour before he died.

Oh Lord, please be merciful to Mr. Liu Xiaobo’s soul, and may You comfort his wife and family during this difficult time.

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