Readings and Recent Updates

IMG_4365Finished reading a couple of good books (Where’s God When It Hurts, Man’s Search for Meaning).  I’ve always avoided reading books on war, death, and suffering, and I would probably never have picked up and read those books if not for my uncle’s recent passing away.

My uncle’s passing away seems to be transforming me still, I’m now reading books I would not normally read, watching movies I would not normally watch, and probably due to a heightened sense of sympathy, I now find myself shedding tears more easily when reading and seeing others suffer.  And being more aware about the limits of my time on earth, I seemed to have become more frugal in my use of time, hoping that more of my time be spent on the more important things – family, relationships, and my personal quest in search of life’s meaning.

“Oh Lord, please continue to lead and guide my life, let me use the gifts you have given me to serve others, help me to live my life to the fullest, a life that’s worthy of Your praise.” ??

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