Goodbye 2017 Q1

Almost forgot it’s public holiday today.  I went back to the studio as usual after my weekly calligraphy class.  The studio seemed particularly quiet, I took some time to fold up 3 months of daily to-do lists.  Much of the goals I’ve set up for this quarter was left untouched.  Where has the time gone?  Time passes by way too quickly.  Worse, it seems to be accelerating as one gets older.

At the calligraphy class this morning, my 89 year-old classmate fell asleep while calligraphing, ink was splattered on the paper.  This has never happened before for the near 1 year of classes I’ve had, I was a bit worried, but didn’t want to wake him up, later felt relieved when I could hear his breathing.  My teacher said my elder classmate had flu/cold and the tiredness was caused by the medicine he took.  Nonetheless, my teacher seemed a little concern too and insisted on escorting him downstairs.

Not long after I started the weekly calligraphy class that I was reminded of book Tuesdays with Morrie which I’ve read many years ago while I was still in Toronto.  Now my wise and always cheerful elder classmate reminded me of the rabbi in the book Have a Little Faith which I’ve just finished reading about a week ago.  I have a feeling that God wants me to learn something more than the art of calligraphy through the weekly Tuesday classes.


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