Mourning… (end)

It was about this time last week when my uncle passed away.  I’ve since started a week long mourning by avoiding any kind of social gatherings including Sunday worship, calligraphy class, and fellowship.  The avoidance came natural as I have the habit of hiding myself when I’m down.  I’ve also tried out an unorthodox therapy of creating cartoons with bible scriptures.  The distraction together with God’s words seem to provide some comfort and helped me cope emotionally.

If only I could avoid reality forever!?  Must keep up hope and start life anew!

“Oh Lord, thank you for letting me find a little comfort with Your words this week.  Please help me to start life anew next week.  Please continue to mould me and use me for your good works.  And I know my aunt and cousins are many times more sad than me.  Please be with them, comfort them, wipe off their tears, and help them heal.” ??


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