Fuzzy Head

IMG_3676Caught a minor cold/flu with a runny nose, clogged ear, and fuzzy head.  Couldn’t quite put myself to work with this state of mind, took it easy today and watched some Olympics badminton and continued my reading of Jimmy SPA’s illustrative books.

<<Beautiful Solitude>>, another imaginative book by Jimmy SPA.  There were a few occasions in the book when the author mentioned about the time when he was sick and spent many days hospitalised.  Brought back memories of my 12 days spent in the hospital more than a year ago before Christmas, back then I also thought about Jimmy’s experience and how he picked up illustration again after his sickness.  What did I learn from that experience?  For one thing, I seemed to be spending my time more wisely and not have it wasted easily.  I stopped playing badminton and soccer because I didn’t see myself improving with the games and the associated social time with friends was put in a lower priority than my studio work.  With little regular exercise for the past few months, my immune system seems to be weakened and sickness is creeping into my life and using up my time again.  Time, can you rest a little and give us a break?!

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