Typhoon Nida

IMG_3628Typhoon signal no.8 was hoisted at 8:40 last night as Nida hit near HK coast.  The signal lasted for most of the morning today and much of the HK workforce got a morning off.  I went back to the studio in the early afternoon, walking pass many fallen branches and leaves along the way.  Many shops and restaurants were still closed, the city seemed to be made quieter and cooler by the cyclone.

The studio also seemed quieter than usual as one of my colleagues is on vacation this week and the other colleague only came back for a short while before leaving.  I got through my daily errands quicker than usual with much time to spare.  Spent some time to fold up the July’s daily to-do lists while listening to the radio and doing a little reflection.  Time seems to be running slower, which is good, as I’m feeling tired of racing with time in this hectic city.  I think I can use a good long vacation!

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