Mother got sick and couldn’t join my father for the planned short trip to Mainland this weekend.  She felt better after my dad took him to see the doctor on Thursday, but she told me she caught a flu/cold this morning when I was just about to leave home to work.  I was thinking about staying home but she insisted I shouldn’t worry.  I couldn’t help the constant worrying, especially when my dad wasn’t around.

Got home in the evening to pick up my racket for the weekly badminton session.  My mother seemed to be feeling better, so I was less worried while enjoying a healthy dose of exercise.

Recently, I’ve been feeling a little strange in my joints (hands and knees) even though I wasn’t exercising much, hope that it is not a side effect of my previous illness.

While I was waiting in line for the instructor during badminton tonight, I stared shortly at my racket and asked myself “how long until I have to give up on this sport that I’ve enjoyed for so many years?”

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