Received 1st PayPal Payment!

Received my first ever PayPal payment today!  It was the half-payment for a small website revamp project I’m working on now.  Although it wasn’t a big amount, but it provided me some much needed encouragement and a little inspiring experience…

What is interesting about this small project is that it is the first time for me to work for a client I’ve never met in person, he found me via a friend of a friend (of a friend?) from half way around the globe.  He trusted me enough as to send in half of the payment without seeing what I can do for his website (well, he did find my online portfolio)!

The internet/digital business is really as interesting as I imagined it to be, I can seriously work and get paid anywhere in the world as far as I have my laptop and an internet connection!  And with the industry advancing ever so quickly, I would never need to worry about running out of things to learn.  I can totally picture myself doing this as a career.

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