Drenching Heat

The scorching heat last week had drenched out much of my energy. It was unbearably hot here in HK last summer too, but this year seemed worse. Monday was a public holiday, I turned down my fellowship b&s’ invitation to visit Macau and instead stayed home drenched in sweat and simply wasted the day away. Stayed home on Tuesday as well to finish up the final piece of calligraphy work – the hundred surnames in seal script.

After getting all the calligraphy work over with, I immediately shifted my focus to cleaning up the studio. Made considerable progress, but the work was interrupted by a couple of meetup with friends on Thursday and Friday evenings. This long overdue studio cleanup project will be my main focus next week!

Still don’t wanna turn on the ac in my living room at home during the day in this drenching heat, so I had been, and will likely continue to be, spending much of my time in the studio in the next week or so!

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