Easter Weekend

The current pandemic wave has receded substantially from the peak of 50k+ COVID cases daily to the recent 3 digits. The Easter long weekend provided a good time for people to head outside for a little breather from the exhausting pandemic marathon. The streets were flooded with people as a result.

I was still awaiting for the official date of pandemic restrictions easing on 21st to start restoring my steep social deficit. Other than seeing a small-scale art exhibition briefly on Sat., I stayed indoors for the entire long weekend. Completed 2 more animal caricatures during my second weekend artist residency programme in my old room at my parents’ place.

Have been doing many art-related projects during the past 2 months or so of working from home. Little by little, I have brought home many art supplies and references from the studio, and before I knew it, my home study has been transformed into a little art studio! As much as I enjoy making art, it’s quite unrealistic economically to do it full-time. I’ll continue to pursue it as a hobby while I transition back into working full-time in the studio after the holidays.

The death toll from the current pandemic wave is severe, especially in the elderly age group. I myself have been thinking more about the grim but inevitable topic of death during this pandemic. Not sure if it’s the pandemic or me getting old or both, death doesn’t seem so far-fetched as it used to be in my mind. At times I would get really anxious as I imagine what would happen after I die. This Easter seemed especially memorable as I was reminded of my faith in the God who had beaten death and is alive with us today.

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