Chinese Calligraphy

Spent a lot of time in the studio this past week to practice Chinese calligraphy. To wrap up my nearly 1.5 years of learning the clerical script, I went through all the weekly homework and wrote out all the 1000 different characters. Although there was much room for improvement, the full 1000 handwritten letters looked really impressive from afar. My calligraphy teacher was happy to see my hardworking effort and insisted on putting up the pieces on the classroom wall to take a full picture of all the characters. I asked if he would give me a passing grade, he said yes without hesitation, that was all I needed to be happy with my effort. I would be even happier if my 9x year-old classmate would praise my effort like he usually does in our WhatsApp group, but he remained silent. I’m just happy that he didn’t leave our group like last time.

My calligraphy teacher recommended a small calligraphy exhibition earlier and I invited a date to see it together. We had a late lunch before seeing the exhibition yesterday. Took a stroll through some of the shops and other exhibitions in the complex before wrapping our date with coffee in a nice cafe. We rode the MTR home and on the way she suddenly yelled, not too loudly but definitely got my attention. It turned out that we forgot to pay for our coffee before leaving the cafe. I find it super funny. It was my first time eating without paying (I did go back to pay the bill today), and it certainly made our 4th date very memorable!

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