(Unusually) Social Week

Met up with many friends this past week. Demoed the robot arm toy to my old friend’s dad and late uncle’s son over Monday dinner. Farewelled a high school classmate who will be moving to Canada over Tuesday lunch. Had lunch with a church brother on Wednesday to pass him some custom 3D prints he needed for a home improvement project. Thursday afternoon was my usual weekly gathering with my Chinese calligraphy class. Didn’t plan any social meetups for the rest of the week, but bumped into my brother’s friend at the cafe of my studio building on Saturday morning, so sat and had breakfast with him together.

Despite having zero community COVID case for many months, the government is planning to tighten the pandemic measures and require all restaurant customers to use a tracing app when entering and leaving restaurants. I will likely dine out a lot less if the tracing app becomes mandatory, this will be my way of protesting the increasing government surveillance of the people.

I’m thinking this past (unusually) social week may be God’s way of preparing me for the coming period of social isolation when the government tracing app becomes mandatory. It’ll be a good time to learn and practice my culinary arts and get back to doing more web work!

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