What To Do?

Spent a couple of days this past week to finish up a 3D-printed robot arm toy for my good friend’s dad. It can now be controlled by my iPad via Bluetooth, pretty cool! My uncle’s plan to lure me back into doing more engineering work seemed to have worked and I’m now a bit hooked to electronics and robotics once again!

Learning how to make the robot arm brought back fond memories of my undergraduate days as an EE student. Life was young and full of dreams of changing the world back then. 20+ years later here I’m writing this blog post questioning my future endeavors in this dying city, dying world.

Sorry to sound pessimistic, I think my marathon blues may have lingered for another week. But life seems to be picking up again. Through making and playing with the robot arm, a daily devotion of my favorite Ecclesiastes, and today’s sermon of a shepherd turned prophet speaking to a dying city, it seemed like God is telling me that He still has work for me to do in this dying city. What exactly is it that You want me to do O Lord?

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