Happy Weekend

Had a very happy weekend! Woke up really early on Friday in order to adjust my sleeping hours to match the early marathon on Sunday. Decided to go and try to find my lost 9x year old Chinese calligraphy classmate for he told me before where he goes to have daily early morning dim sums. We lost contact with him since he left our calligraphy class’ whatsapp group in June/July. He even blocked my personal chat with him. As I walked into the restaurant at around 0830 trying to figure out where to start looking for him, there he was in line to pay the bill. I waved to say hi, he recognized me and took me to the table he just left. I ordered a couple of dim sums and he watched me eat. We chatted and caught up with many things that had happened since he stopped coming to class and the crazy pandemic started. At the end, I unblocked myself from his phone and added him back to our calligraphy class’ group, seemed like it was a misunderstanding.

Sat. was very happy too. Met up with a girl for lunch, saw a small wood craft exhibition, and took a leisurely walk in the parks that both of us had never explored. It was our 3rd date. We parted and she went home to work OT to meet a couple of deadlines while I went back to the studio to finish up a project for my studio neighbor.

Sunday (today) was the highlight. I had been prepping for quite some time to run today’s marathon. The practice time was not enough however as I only started training myself less than 2 months ago, most training programs take around 6 months at least I think. With the lack of practice, I just target to complete the run within the 6 hour limit while trying my best to enjoy the event. Thank God for the cloudy and breezy weather (mostly) and a much less crowded course, my 2nd ever marathon was accomplished beyond my expectations!

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