I wasn’t lying when I told my old UW fellowship b/s last night that I have a “target” from my church.  Indeed, it just so happened that I invited her to go see an art exhibition with me this afternoon.  If dating is simply defined as going out with someone you like and get to know better, then today isn’t our first date, I invited her to dinner followed by a visit to my studio a few months ago.

I had to postpone the meet up from 3pm to 4pm because my weekly family dim sum lunch was running late, and then I was about 10 mins late, bad first impression.  I apologised and she simply said “ok” and didn’t seem too angry.  I offered to help her carry one of her bags to make up for my lateness, but she turned down the offer.  We then went to see the art exhibition together as planned.  It was a relatively small exhibition with works from a group of artists, some of whom being my pervious oil painting and watercolor teachers and classmates.  I enjoyed seeing and discussing art with her.

After seeing the art exhibition, she had to buy something nearby so I followed her into crowded malls and shops looking for what she needed.  Never liked crowds, and shopping isn’t something I enjoy doing, but everything seemed interesting and enjoyable when I was with her.  Infatuation?

After strolling around malls and shops, she bought some bread before going home for dinner.  The MTR ride together seemed too short and ended too early like before.

I don’t know if she considered today’s a date, and I wish I know that she feels the same way about me as I do for her.  Oh God, if You meant for us to be together, please help us know how to move our relationship forward. ??

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