Time, a concept that warrants timeless debates/discussions/contemplations.

I’m still not quite completely recovered from my emotional low, the constant depressing news (both locally and globally) seems to have lengthened the recovery process.  Rather than pushing myself to recover from the blues with mindless and endless work, I decided to take it slow and use all the time that’s needed to heal naturally.  I’m thankful for this time-off I’m giving myself as it is a luxury amidst the suffocatingly busy and “efficient” environment in HK.

Recently, a cinema near my studio is hosting “Arts in Cinema” and showing 3 documentaries about Arts, and I was fortunate enough to catch all three!  I saw on the screen the timeless pieces of art in the Hermitage and the Vatican Museums, and I was told of the story how Michelangelo took 4 years to restlessly paint the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and how Antoni Gaudi took a lifetime to design and supervise the construction of Sagrada Familia without witnessing its completion.  The documentaries seem to have altered my concept of art and time.

When asked about the never-ending progress of constructing Sagrada Familia, Antoni Gaudi famously said “My client is in no hurry. God has all the time in the world.”  So, what am I in a rush for?  I plan to spend the rest of March to cleanup, declutter, organise, envision, and properly plan for a new start in April, the beginning of the fiscal year for both my studio and my church fellowship.


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