Back to Social?

As soon as the government relaxed the social distancing measures to allow as many as 4 ppl to meet, the city seems to have livened up almost immediately. I had dim sum lunch with my parents for the first time since the 3rd pandemic broke out in July. Also took the opportunity to farewell a friend who will be moving to Taiwan next week. A few fellowship brothers also scheduled a dinner next week.

As much as I enjoy meeting and catching up with friends, I feel a bit anxious taking the MTR and being caught in the crowd even though almost everyone is masked. I guess I’ll need some time to transition back to socializing. Let’s hope there’s adequate time for me to adjust and catch up with friends before a possible 4th wave hit us again.

Not much has happened in the city this past week in terms of politics, that’s probably good news seeing how our city has rapidly deteriorated since the National Security law was passed in July. Need to continue pray for the 12 youths who are still detained in Mainland China.

In addition to the pandemic, there are too many things happening in our city as well as our world (wildfire in US, social unrest in Belarus,…), I find myself praying more but shorter prayers. Whenever I come across any bad news, I would just close my eyes and do a short prayer, otherwise I would likely forget about it when the next wave of bad news hit.

Oh Lord, did You hear my sporadic short prayers? Can You be merciful to us and help us stay safe and healthy during these challenging times? Let us continue to trust in You and not lose faith or hope. 🙏🏻

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