Back To School

Resumed my weekly calligraphy class after stopping a couple of months due to the pandemic. We went to have lunch with our 93 y/o ex-classmate after class, the six of us had to split into 3 tables due to the still effective social-distancing measures. Happy to see my elderly classmate and teacher both healthy and well after the devastating 3rd wave killing nearly a hundred of mostly elderly in the city.

In politics, our government renounced the well established “Separation of Powers” in favor of a more totalitarian approach in ruling the city. It’s yet another nail in the coffin for our previously free and prosperous city. I’m kinda growing desensitized in seeing the continuing downfall of our city, can anything new surprise me this week? Not sure what the future has in store, can only do our best to help in the present, so I continue to pray for the 12 young protesters who are detained in China for attempting to flee to Taiwan seeking asylum. Please help by signing the petition.

Work-wise, I continued cleaning up the studio, made considerable progress in clearing up my main working desk, now feeling more ready to going back to the studio full time this coming week. Studio work is kinda like my refuge during these challenging times. I’m anticipating what the post-COVID-19 era will be like and preparing the studio for it. It feels a bit like Noah building the Ark back in his days, everybody thought he was crazy until it started to rain cats and dogs.

Oh Lord, please continue to protect me and my family during these challenging times. Please continue to guide me in life and lead me to do what’s good in Your eyes. 🙏🏻

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