Interesting Turn of Events

Early this past week a few pro-democracy leaders were arrested for suspecting rioting on July 21st last year. One of them actually broadcasted live during the event and was beaten by gangs of white shirts in front of the camera, many Hongkongers watched the livestream and had trouble sleeping. I remember vividly of watching the livestream in a hotel in Singapore and slept poorly that night too. Funny how an obvious victim who reported the case to the police is now being charged for rioting after 13 long months of investigation.

The absurdity in our city continues to unfold as 12 ppl (mostly youngsters) were caught by Mainland police as they were smuggling to Taiwan by sea. There are ppl caught illegally smuggling to our city occasionally, but this is the first time I heard of ppl smuggling away from it. This is just another example of how absurd and insecure our city has become since the national security law was imposed on us without our consent just 2 months ago.

Another absurd event happened in the art community. I recently finished reading a great book on pen & ink and I mentioned that briefly on my previous post(s). The book was recommended by the Inktober organizer(s) who will be releasing a book that is now being accused of plagiarism. The accuser is the author of the book the Inktober organizer(s) had recommended! Watched the nearly hour-long accusation video and I’m now more than convinced of the shameless copying involved. Inktober is actually one of my favorite art events since I started participating in its daily inking challenges throughout October 2 years ago, it motivated me to practice cartooning and connected me with many other artists who are doing the same thing. With the event organizer tainted of plagiarism, I’m not too sure if I’ll join the challenge again in October this year. I was actually looking forward to it as I’ve rekindled my interest in inking and cartooning since the pandemic have allowed me more time to indulge in art. Sigh.

In midst of the many absurdity happening in our world today, God still seems to be here protecting me and my family, and for that I’m truly grateful. Oh Lord, pls also protect and save the 12 youngsters who were caught and detained in Mainland China. 🙏🏻

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